Many employers in this increasingly interconnected world seek job applicants with an international perspective. The study of Asia is highly relevant in this global age, and its influences can be seen in the fields of politics, economics, the arts, religion, music, film, and more, while a majority of the State Department's Critical Languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian, are Asian languages.

CAS is the administrative home of the Asian Studies B.A. at CU-Boulder. The Asian Studies major encompasses a diverse interdisciplinary study of Asia and gives students an opportunity to discover Asia through a wide variety of courses.

CU-Boulder offers a multitude of courses with an Asian component, and the Center works closely with the Study Abroad office to promote undergraduate and graduate study in Asia. CAS also supports the CU East Asian Collection and works with faculty members across campus to help support and coordinate Asia-related teaching and research activities as well.