Through the US Department of Education’s Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) grant, the CU Center for Asian Studies is working hard to create new opportunities to learn about Southeast Asia through new courses, languages, and study abroad opportunities. Click here for an article about the grant that appeared in the Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Below you will find information about grant-funded Southeast Asia-related courses and programming, as well as ongoing courses on the region. If you know of anything we should add to this resource, please email

We will update this site as new developments arise, so keep checking back!

Southeast Asia Courses

Recent and Upcoming Southeast Asia Offerings

Southeast Asian Studies Courses

Spring 2023

ASIA 1000 Origins of Contemporary Southeast Asia

Explores the dynamic present of Southeast Asia in light of its complex past. Introduces the shared historical experiences that have shaped diverse Southeast Asian societies, with a focus on the continuing effects of colonialism, nationalism, and globalization in the region. Examines key issues facing contemporary Southeast Asian communities, including current debates around gender, faith, human rights, democracy, development, etc. Engages with Southeast Asian literature, film, art, journalism, and museum collections from a transdisciplinary perspective. Recommended prerequisite: students may find some prior coursework in history, anthropology, or Asian Studies to be helpful, but this is not required.

Dr. Lauren Collins

HIST Wars of Liberation in Southeast Asia

Uses the contemporary nations of Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore as case studies to examine the making and unmaking of European and Japanese colonialism in Southeast Asia in the years surrounding World War II. In what ways did different communities understand and narrate imperialism and independence? How can we understand wars of liberation as local, regional, and global experiences, with legacies for today? Same as HIST 5448 and ASIA 4448.

Dr. Miriam Kadia

Sociology 3046: Special Topics: Sex, Gender, and Social Change in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic regions. This class will explore how globalization is influencing changes in sex and gender in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. We will investigate gender relations and norms in the region as well as contemporary issues such as women’s work in global factories, sex work, migration, religion, feminist activism, and LGBTQ issues.  

Professor: Rachel Rinaldo

Southeast Asian Language Courses

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world and is home to thousands of beautiful islands and traditions.

 INDO 1110 Beginning Indonesian 1 - DILS

INDO 1120 Beginning Indonesian 2 - DILS

INDO 2110 Intermediate Indonesian 1 - DILS

INDO 2120 Intermediate Indonesian 2 - DILS

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Summer Study Abroad in Southeast Asia

ANTH 3770: Primates of Vietnam:  Conservation in a Rapidly Developing Country Global Seminar (Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien, Da Nang, Vietnam)
In this global seminar we will review this crisis and its causes using Vietnam as a case study. Vietnam is home to a very impressive biodiversity, including a large number of primate species. Vietnam is also a rapidly developing country where economic gains are often prioritized over environmental protection and many of its endangered plants and animals, including its primates, are at risk of extinction. Thus, Vietnam is at a crossroads where it needs to seek a balance between development and conservation. On most days, the format of the course will include morning field trips and afternoon lectures. The first week of the course will be located in Ho Chi Minh City, the second week will take place in Cat Tien National Park and the third week will take place in Da Nang City. Dr. Bert Covert and Dr. Jonathan O'Brien

ANTH 3760: Global Seminar: Cultural Transformations in Indonesia
Spend your Maymester studying the incredible cultural diversity of Indonesia, a country that consists of more than 16,000 islands: trek in the jungles of Sumatra to visit indigenous people and then enjoy the beaches of Bali while learning about Hindu-Buddhism and religious politics. The Cultural Transformations in Indonesia program is open to all majors and is particularly great for students in anthropology, the social sciences, humanities, and CMCI, or anyone with an interest in culture, religion, and politics in Asia.  It's also great for students with an interest in field-based research and documentary video production. It fulfills the Human Diversity A&S Core requirement. The program is led by Dr. Christian Hammons, from the Departments of Anthropology & Critical Media Practices, who will share with the group his extensive experience living and doing research in Indonesia. All applicants are eligible for a $500-$2,000 CAS Southeast Asia Study Abroad Scholarship. Check the Education Abroad website for more information.

ENVS 4100 (3) Special Topics in Environmental Studies
Various topics not normally covered in the curriculum: offered depending on student demand and specialties of faculty. Applied to specialization requirement for Environmental Studies major. This program is led by Dr. Kimberly Rogers from INSTITUTE OF ARCTIC AND ALPINE RESEARCH. 

  • This is a summer semester CU Boulder on-campus course that includes an intensive international component
  • Spend 10 days in June-July studying the Mekong River Delta on-site in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho, Vietnam
  • Expand on the content of your summer ENVS 4100 course with experiential learning in Vietnam
  • Collaborate with Can Tho University students and faculty
  • Day excursions to the Mekong River Delta, a local rice noodle factory, Thien Truc Lam Phuong Nam Temple, and more!