The Center for Asian Studies is pleased to publish five senior theses from the 2015-2016 academic year. Each senior graduating with a degree in Asian Studies is required to complete a research project under the guidance of a faculty advisor on any topic related to Asia. Each year, students produce excellent work on a wide variety of topics, and this year was certainly no exception. This year's volume features essays by Carla Ho, "Comparative Cultural Trauma: Post-Traumatic Processing of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian Revolution;" Monica Mikkelsen, "Internet Culture in South Korea: Changes in Social Interactions and the Well-Being of Citizens;" Morgan Sweeney, "Relationality in Female Hindu Renunciation as Told through the Life Story of Swāmī Amritanandā Gīdī;" and Jordan Witt, "Operating in the Shadow of Nationalism: Egyptian Feminism in the Early Twentieth Century."

We are happy to announce that Summer 2017 issue of the Colorado Journal of Asian Studies has been posted. This issue contains articles on “Boys’ Love” in Japanese manga (Leandra Laws); the travels of the Japanese monk, Ennin (Kurt Schreiber); and representations of the May Fourth Movement in China (Angelica Powell). You can read all of these papers at

The Colorado Journal of Asian Studies is published annually by the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. We publish original, quality undergraduate research on almost any aspect of Asia or Asian culture and welcome submissions of original scholarly work from any undergraduate student in any department at CU Boulder or other universities. Authors of Asia-related research papers can submit them directly; we also hope that faculty members will encourage their students whose papers fit this description to contact us. All papers will be reviewed for acceptance by the journal editor.

We welcome papers that are at least 2500 words in length and that conform to the MLA citation style. The deadline for Summer 2018 submissions is May 15, 2018. All published work is freely available to the public. Previously published papers can be found at

Paper submissions and questions should be addressed to the editor, Colleen Berry, at

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