The Center for Asian Studies has received a grant from U. S. Department of Education's Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) program for AYs 20-23. This page will be updated as the new program comes into focus. Please contact us at for more information.

Meet our new Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Instructor:

Tenzin Tsepak

Thanks to a grant from the US Department of Education, CAS has been able to create a new Instructor of Tibet and Himalayan Studies position which will be filled by Tenzin Tsepak this fall. Tsepak comes to us from Indiana University, where he has just completed his PhD in Central Eurasian Studies. Tsepak will be teaching ASIA 1700 Introduction to Tibetan Civilization; ASIA 4600 Encounters: Tibet, the Himalayas and the West; TBTN 1110 Colloquial Tibetan I; and TBTN 1210 Modern Literary Tibetan I. Check out these great new courses!

A&S Magazine - With new scholar, center launches Tibetan and Himalayan certificate

Below you will find information about grant-funded Tibetan and Himilayan-related courses and programming, as well as ongoing courses on the region. If you know of anything we should add to this resource, please email

We will update this site as new developments arise, so keep checking back!