The Center for Asian Studies has received a grant from U. S. Department of Education's Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) program for AYs 20-23. This page will be updated as the new program comes into focus. Please contact us at for more information.

THS Scholarship for Study Abroad, Language Study, and/or Independent Research

CU Boulder Tibetan Losar 2023 Celebration— A Big Hit

Announcing a new certificate in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at CU Boulder

The Center for Asian Studies is excited to announce that CU Boulder students who are interested in learning about the Tibet and Himalayan region are now able to pursue a certificate in Tibetan and Himalayan studies. Culturally and ethnically Tibetan areas constitute ¼ of the land area of the People’s Republic of China -- roughly the size of Western Europe -- as well as the country of Bhutan and parts of north India, Nepal, and Pakistan. As a focus of tension between the two Asian superpowers of India and China, this region is geopolitically crucial. The region is known as “the Third Pole'' and home to the headwaters of seven of Asia’s major rivers. It is a hotspot for global climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

CU Boulder is a leading center of research, teaching, and scholarship on Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, as well as environmental sciences, including climatology, hydrology, ecology, and geology.  Expertise on the region includes strong faculty leadership in the departments of Anthropology, Geography, and Religious Studies and the Tibet Himalaya Initiative (THI), a multidisciplinary hub for research, teaching, and public engagement on Tibet and the greater Himalaya region housed within the Center for Asian Studies. The town of Boulder, CO itself is a significant location in the history and spread of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

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Meet our new Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Instructor:

Tenzin Tsepak

Thanks to a grant from the US Department of Education, CAS has been able to create a new Instructor of Tibet and Himalayan Studies position which will be filled by Tenzin Tsepak this fall. Tsepak comes to us from Indiana University, where he has just completed his PhD in Central Eurasian Studies. Tsepak teaches ASIA 1700 Introduction to Tibetan Civilization; ASIA 4600 Encounters: Tibet, the Himalayas and the West; and Beginning and Intermediate Colloquial Tibetan.  Check out these great new courses!

A&S Magazine - With new scholar, center launches Tibetan and Himalayan certificate

Below you will find information about grant-funded Tibetan and Himilayan-related courses and programming, as well as ongoing courses on the region. If you know of anything we should add to this resource, please email

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