The minor in Asian Studies allows students to engage in interdisciplinary study of Asia, adding an important global focus to their primary studies. While the minor does not grant credit for foreign language, students are encouraged to study abroad, and are able to gain a strong foundation in knowledge of the Asian world through a vast array of fascinating coursework. The Asian Studies Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor strongly encourage thematic or regional concentration, and are available for help in customizing the minor.

To minor in Asian Studies, students must take 21 credits minimum, 12 of which must be upper-division (usually four 3-credit courses). Students will take two courses in Traditional Asian Civilizations (two different civilizations), one in Modern Asian Civilizations, one in the Social Sciences and ASIA 2000 Gateway to Asian Studies. The remaining credits are fulfilled through a variety of available Electives. One of the four upper-division courses may be ASIA 4830 (Senior Thesis or Project), but it is not required for the minor. Up to, but no more than, 9 credit hours earned through study abroad can be counted towards the minor.

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