Over the past decade, China has invested tremendously in infrastructure development, resulting in dramatic social and cultural changes in both rural and urban regions.  It has also promoted an infrastructural development model beyond its borders as part of a newly aggressive foreign policy.  China Made will explore both of these domestic and international dimension of China’s infrastructure development.  The project, funded by The Henry Luce Foundation, is also meant to shift the academic focus from broader geopolitical and international relations perspectives to a finer grained analysis of the infrastructures themselves and the on-the-ground social and cultural dimensions of their construction.  China Made is a partnership between CAS, the Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS), the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore, and the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto.  To date, three workshops have been held, with a fourth planned for 2022. Please see the China Made website for more information on publications, videos, and current ongoing work.

Visit the China Made website.

For more information, please see the press release from the CU Boulder Magazine for Arts & Sciences here.