Here is a list of all the upcoming Speaker Series events, Luncheon Series events, and non-CAS events:



THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED [enra]:Dreams 2020.03.25

Non-CAS Event Wednesday, March 25 at 6:30pm Broomfield Auditorium 3 Community Park RoadBroomfield, CO 80020 Enjoy an evening of magical motion as [enra] has their debut performance in the Denver-Boulder metro area. This dance group is making BIG waves in Japan and has performed at theatres and festivals all over the world. JASC members get discounted tickets, so mark your calendars and grab a ticket before they are gone! Click...
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THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Sound Studies and East Asian Broadcast Media 2020.04.01

CAS Event Wednesday, April 1, at 3pm CASE Building, room E422 Broadcast media emerged in East Asia as a state-guided infrastructural project. Considering this, and the history of developmentalist cultural policies in the region, we might assume that all programming was tightly controlled and curated. A sound studies approach, however, reveals a new layer of contestation within these broadcast practices, and in the actual use of these media by the...

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Improper Contact: the Liberal Imaginary of Communication in Japan 2020.04.02

CAS Luncheon Series Thursday, April 2 at 12:30pm CASE Building, room W311 with Shunsuke Nozawa While the idea of “harassment” has been part of the Japanese public vocabulary since the 1980s, diverse applications of the idea in recent years have produced various neologisms for talking about scenes of harmful social contact, ranging from now fairly well-known expressions like “power harassment” to those yet to catch on widely (e.g. “smell harassment”)...

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Ragas of Imagination and Songs of Devotion: Classical Indian Khyal and Bhajans with Dr. Lakshmi Sreeram 2020.04.04

CAS Event Saturday, April 4 at 2pm Old Main Chapel A performance of two types of classical Indian music by internationally acclaimed performing artist, Dr. Lakshmi Sreeram. She will be accompanied by tabla, harmonium, and tanpura. Explanations of the songs and poems will be included, as well as a description of the music styles, genres and history. Dr. Sreeram is a Fulbright fellow in residence at CU Boulder’s College of...

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED The Crane Knows Not the Glory of the Lotus: Bhakti and Carnatic Music 2020.04.08

CAS Event Wednesday, April 8 at 5:30pm Humanities room 250 with Lakshmi Sreeram, Fulbright Scholar, Aesthetics and Music University of Colorado, Boulder Music in India is situated in a web of myths, legends and orientations that dip into the religious/spiritual worlds. This, along with the impact of Bhakti poetry on the Indian psyche and everyday life has moulded the paths of the performing arts, including the classical Music traditions. Given...

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED International Festival 2020.04.12

Non-CAS Event Sunday, April 12 from 3pm to 7pm Glenn Miller Ballroom, UMC CU’s annual International Festival —the largest student-run event on campus—is free and open to the public. It features live performances, cultural booths, food, and activities from around the world. It is a family-friendly event perfect for all ages.

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Glacial archaeology and human use of high altitudes in the Mongolian Altai 2020.04.16

CAS Luncheon Series Thursday, April 16 at 12:30pm CASE Building, room W311 with Will Taylor, Assistant Professor of Anthropology From early human dispersals to the rise of Genghis Khan, Mongolia's high mountains have played a key role in some of humanity's most important social and environmental transitions. However, a coherent understanding of the region's past is hampered by the scarcity of the archaeological record, which has been worn thin through...

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Energy, Peace and Democracy in Myanmar 2020.04.24

CAS Event Friday, April 24 at 3:30pm Guggenheim 205 Energy in Myanmar has played an outsized role in shaping the country’s historical, economic and social trajectory. Energy development has been used as a tool of genocide, financed decades of military oppression in isolation from the world and catalyzed mass uprisings. Recently, provision of energy has become the engine of rapid economic growth as well as a source of domestic conflicts...

ZOOM TALK: Struggle on the Roof of the World: The Sino-Indian Border Conflict from a Historical Perspective 2020.04.30

CAS Luncheon Series Thursday, April 30 at 12:30pm with Reed Chervin The border conflict between China and India remains one of the world's most intractable issues. Drawing on oral history interviews and recently declassified documents from dozens of archives, my talk examines the historical roots of this conflict. I will also discuss its international impact as well as the present situation at the border. Please send an email to


Non-CAS Event Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28, 2020 DOWNTOWN DENVER – SAKURA SQUARE Lawrence Street between 19th and 20th Streets ADMISSION IS FREE Fans of taiko drumming, teriyaki chicken, sake and Japanese artwork and wares won’t want to miss this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival – “Sakura Matsuri” in Japanese. The 48th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the Japanese heritage and culture through live entertainment, food and drink, a...