With the 2015-2016 theme of ‘Transcultural Asia’ the Center for Asian Studies seeks to promote an interdisciplinary exploration of contemporary and historical transcultural processes in Asia. Transcultural studies proceeds from the premise that culture is not contained within linguistically or ethnically homogenous and territorially bounded spaces, but is rather constituted through the transformations and entanglements that emerge from extended connections and relationships across spaces. While discussions and debates over globalization tend to emphasize the dominance of ‘Western’ culture (for example in the form of entertainment media, material culture, or linguistic hegemony), less often do we focus on other forms of transculturalism beyond ‘the West’. What, then, are the significant forms of transcultural processes within Asia? How have distinctive Asian cultural practices emerged from extended connections across Asian spaces? What have been the dominant processes or forms of transculturalism in Asia historically, and what are they today? Such forms of transculturalism may involve systems of knowledge or religion; visual, media and material cultures; leisure and recreation practices; arts and literary cultures; or even corporate cultures, governance practices, or political philosophies.  Through a year of programming, events, and outreach culminating in our annual Spring Symposium, CAS will explore how a focus on Transcultural Asia enriches Asian Studies.

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CAS Annual Symposium Transcultural Asia

Transcultural Asia: CAS Annual Symposium 2016.03.09

CAS Speaker Series Transcultural Asia Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 1:00 p.m. UMC Aspen Rooms, CU-Boulder Keynote speaker, Rudolf Wagner of Heidelberg University, and panelists from the CU faculty and graduate students present their views on "Transcultural Asia." Rudolf Wagner is Senior Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. He is known for his work in sinology and Japanese studies, and particulalry for his publications Joining the...