The CAS theme for the 2020-21 academic year will be “Sound and Noise in Asia.”

With an inspired nudge from our friends at the Center for Humanities and Arts, CAS has come up with a playlist of 12 songs that spoke to us about the challenges of 2020 and our hopes for a better 2021. Enjoy!


The theme will be anchored by the annual CAS Asia Symposium which will explore the sonic sensibilities of modernity in Asia.  Sound is crucial to our processing of the world, and perhaps even more important than vision when it comes to such essential parts of experience as affect, communication, and awareness of a peripheral, surrounding environment. When we consider the sonic sensibility of a listening subject, new hierarchies and ideologies become apparent: what is sound, and what is noise? Which languages are perceived as beautiful? When and why? Which neighborhoods are ruled by infrastructural noise? What does it mean to self-isolate using sound—or to engage in a communal ritual by joining one’s voice to the many?

We invite members of the Asian Studies community on the CU Boulder campus to propose events that relate to, and reflect upon, the theme of sound and noise in Asia. While CAS event funds will be limited due to current budgetary constraint, proposals related to this year’s theme will receive priority for funding.

Sound and Noise in Asia Events

Symposium: Sound and Noise in Asia

Sound and Noise in Asia Speaker Series

Download the series poster here.