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With this 2022 theme, we aim to draw attention to how Asian societies and diasporas have been shaped by empire. We understand empire to be a crucial factor in shaping the trajectories of past and present Asian societies. This theme seeks to explore questions such as how Western colonialism and imperialism have influenced politics, culture, economics, and social relations in Asian societies and diasporas; how unequal global and local power relations continue to matter for transnational solidarities and struggles for social justice in Asia and in the United States and how non-western empires matter within Asia. We propose that an understanding of empire and its consequences in Asia is crucial to promoting social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the United States and in Asia. Our events this year will seek to highlight diverse and marginalized voices in Asian Studies. This theme will undergird our events in 2022-2023, culminating in our annual symposium in spring 2023.