Study Tibetan with Sarah Harding, Jules Levinson, Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, other skilled instructors, and native Tibetan speakers in an intensive two-week course this summer.
When: August 12-23, 2019
Where: The University of Colorado, Boulder
This intensive two-week seminar will immerse students in the Tibetan language by combining methods to develop skills in both written and spoken Tibetan. The course is designed to provide aspiring scholars, translators, and practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism with a chance to deepen their connection with the language in a short period of time. An immersive experience like this can give tremendous impetus for stabilizing what students may already know and building confidence with ongoing studies, especially for working people or graduate students who can’t take more than a few weeks away from home.
The course will include textual study and translation, communication and comprehension skills, and reading practice. Tibetan language instructors and students will work together in classes while studying, sharing meals, and practicing. This approach will provide a supportive environment in which to develop students’ skills in Tibetan.
We will offer three tracks this summer:
Advanced Translation and Interpretation Workshop with Sarah Harding: Reading & Translating with a choice of daily oral interpretation training or colloquial class;
Intermediate–Level Two: Reading & Translating and colloquial Tibetan with Miguel Sawaya;
Intermediate–Level One: Reading & Grammar and colloquial Tibetan with Cinthia Font.
The Advanced Translation and Interpretation Workshop students will choose between training in oral interpretation and intermediate colloquial training. Oral interpretation training presents the opportunity to hone comprehension of Tibetan and practice rendering the meaning of ཆོས་སྐད་ into English. Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen will teach in Tibetan and Sarah Harding and Jules Levinson will observe students and offer feedback. This particular class is an opportunity for those who wish to explore and improve their skills in oral interpretation without having to travel to Asia to join a longer course.  
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Tsadra Foundation and other donors have significantly subsidized the cost of running the summer language intensive, keeping the costs low for everyone. Tuition is donation based and includes lunch and dinner every day of the program. Working with these instructors is an incredible opportunity and special privilege; all of your tuition will go only to meals and to pay instructors, so we encourage you to consider the tuition an offering. If you find yourself in financial need, work-study may be available.
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