Below are the requirements for the Asian Studies Major, effective for all students declaring Fall 2016 or later. Students default to the catalog in effect when they declare the major. To elect to apply a later catalog year, please contact Danielle Salaz at To view previous catalog years, please click on the links below.

42 credits minimum, 18 of which must be upper division (College of Arts & Sciences minimum)

Gateway to Asian Studies: 1 course (3 credits, LD)
Asian Language: 4 semesters of a single Asian language (12 to 20 credits)
Traditional Asian Civilizations: Students take any 2 of the following introductory courses, focusing on 2 different civilizations (6 credits minimum, LD)
Modern Asian Civilizations: Students take 1 course (3 credits, LD or UD)
Senior seminar: ASIA 4830 (3 credits, UD) Only offered Spring Semester
Electives Students take at least 3 courses (9 credits)
*Upper division credits are recommended for the electives, since the major as a whole requires 18 upper division credits.

For information about which courses are applicable toward which category, please click on the tabs below.

Students may also choose to focus in one of four cultural tracks within the Asian Studies major though this is not required. The three cultural tracks currently offered by the department are the Southeast Asia TrackKorea Track, the South Asia Track and the West Asia/Middle East Track. Information on the specific course requirements for each of these major tracks can be found here. Courses that fulfill a requirement for these cultural tracks are also designated under the "Electives" tab below.

Other topics in special topics courses, as well as other courses not included here (including some study abroad courses), may be applicable towards the Asian Studies major, but must first be approved by the Asian Studies Program Director (