A degree in Asian Studies provides a broad base of knowledge that can be applied to any number of possible fields, including business, commerce, journalism, politics, publishing, the social sciences, and teaching at all levels. Some students go on to do postgraduate work in business or law, or continue in Asian Studies. As a second major, Asian Studies can open up new job possibilities at home and abroad for prospective engineers, health professionals, teachers, and writers of all types.

Many employers in this increasingly interconnected world seek job applicants with an international perspective. As an Asian Studies major, you will gain unique insight into a region of the world that is increasingly important in world politics, business, and the arts. Your specialized knowledge of Asia will give you an edge in the job market. In addition, an area specialty is an excellent way to lay the groundwork for life-long study of a region, whether as a career or a hobby.

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The University of Colorado at Boulder catalog provides detailed information on courses offered within the College of Arts & Sciences. For more detailed descriptions of courses offered through Asian Studies, see the department's list of Undergraduate Courses.