Asian Studies Major MAPS

Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS)

If you graduated from high school in 1988 or later, you are required to meet certain minimum academic preparation standards (MAPS). If you are admitted to CU-Boulder with MAPS deficiencies, you are required to complete at least one MAPS course each term.

The College of Arts and Sciences has adopted the entrance standards listed below. One unit equals one year of high school study or one semester of college coursework.

  • English - 4 units (including 2 in composition)
  • Mathematics - 3 units (including 2 in algebra and 1 in geometry)
  • Natural science - 3 units (including 2 in laboratory science, one of which must be in chemistry or physics)
  • Social science - 3 units (including one in U.S. or world history and one in geography. If you have U.S. history, you may use 1/2 year of world history and 1/2 year of geography in place of one year of geography.)
  • Foreign language - 3 units (all must be in the same language and the last year must be level III.)