Asian Studies Graduation Message

Celebrate our Graduates!

Anne Feller: BA Asian Studies and BA Fine Arts (with Painting/Drawing emphasis). With Distinction. Thesis title: Painting Identity on the Peninsula: A Century-Long Search for ‘Korean’ Art

Makinna Miller: BA Asian Studies and BS Business Administration, with a Global Business Certificate. Thesis Title: How do money laundering practices in Chinese state-owned banks compare to money laundering in privately owned banks in Europe and North America?

Yuka Amy Vogenthaler : BA Asian Studies and BA Japanese, with a TESOL Certificate. Thesis Title: Atomic Bomb Nationalism: The Construction of the Japanese Postwar Identity Through the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum​

Rose Gilfillan: BA Asian Studies

Gin Alina Quesada Lara: Minor in Asian Studies, Major is Linguistics, with a TESOL Certificate