The VRC provides equipment for creative work, documentation, and classroom use to faculty and students in the Department of Art and Art History. AAH students must present Buff OneCards at the time of checkout. See the VRC’s equipment checkout policies below for additional information about circulation policies for AAH faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.


The VRC Equipment Room (room 310E of the Visual Arts Complex; 303-492-1313) is open during regular VRC hours, which are posted on our home page.


See our create content page for information about our fully equipped Portfolio Photography Room.


  • Equipment is for ARTS or ARTH coursework only. Students must be enrolled in in ARTS or ARTH courses to borrow equipment. The VRC charges late fines for overdue equipment.

    • Students majoring in Studio Arts or Art History degrees who are not enrolled in ARTS or ARTH courses but need equipment for degree-related projects must request borrowing privileges from management.

  • Reserve equipment in advance to ensure availability (call 303-492-1313 during Equipment Room hours or stop by in person).

  • Pick up equipment in person at the Equipment Room (VAC room 310).

  • For most items the checkout period is up to three business days, depending on reservation availability (when the due date falls on campus holidays or closures, the due date rolls forward to the next non-holiday date as indicated by the checkout agreement you sign). Laptops are intended for presentations and limited to the duration of a class period.

  • Equipment may be renewed once if no other reservations exist; renewals are due back three days from the moment of the renewal. Except by special arrangement, equipment is unavailable over winter break or during summer sessions when Art and Art History classes are not held.

    • Requests for extended checkouts under special circumstances may be made in advance; they are considered on a case by case basis.

  • Equipment must be returned by the person who borrowed it; the borrower’s signature is required if there are issues such as late returns or missing components.

  • During any given semester, all equipment is due back by the last day of final exams.

  • MacBook Pro (13-in.) 4GB 1600 MHz DDDR3, 2.5GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5

  • MacBook (13-in.) 1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM, 2.1 GHz Intel Core Duo

Computer accessories

  • Pen tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 PTK-640 Tablet (Features and specifications on B & H website)

  • Apple 60W MagSafe power adapter

  • Apple 85W MagSafe power adapter

  • 85W Magsafe 2 Power adapter

  • Kensington wireless computer remote

  • Memory card reader

Standard data projectors

Pico/Micro data projectors

Short throw data projectors

  • Large tripod projection screen – Square Format- 70 x 70″- 99″ Diagonal

  • Small tabletop projection screen – 4:3 Aspect Ratio – 36 x 27″ – 45″ Diagonal

Lenses for DSLR Cameras

DSLR camera remotes

Other SLR camera accessories

Palmheld camcorder

Pocket camcorders

SLR camera tripods

Video camera tripods

Fluorescent light kits

Backdrops and Stands

  • Green screen

  • Black, gray, red, and white diamond cloth backdrops (10′ x 10′).

  • Stands with clamps are available separately.

  • VGA cable (with audio)

  • DVI-D dual link cable (DVI-D male to DVI-D male)

  • HDMI to HDMI cable

  • Computer audio cable (1/8 ” stereo)

  • RCA cable

  • S-Video cable

Mac Adapters

  • VGA to 30-pin adapter (Apple mobile devices)

  • VGA to DVI adapter

  • VGA to mini displayport adapter

  • VGA to mini DVI adapter

  • VGA to mini VGA adapter

  • MiniDisplayPort to DVI adapter

Device interface cables, cords, adapters

  • Lightning to USB cable and charger (Apple mobile devices)

  • Apple mobile device sync cable & charger

  • Firewire 400

  • Firewire 800

  • USB interface cable

Networking cables, cords, adapters

  • Ethernet cable

Power cords
  • Extension cord (black, 25’)

  • Extension cord (black, 6’)

  • Surge protector (single outlet)

Document cameras


  • DVD/VHS Sony Combo deck

  • Slide projectors and accessories

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