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Techne Lab

TECHNE is a practice-based research initiative in the digitally-expanded intermedia arts and humanities founded in 2002 by Professor Mark Amerika at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The lab develops innovative research methodologies that lead to the invention of new forms of knowledge associated with intermedia art, writing, performance and scholarly research into the digital humanities. Recent TECHNE projects include music video art, Internet art, live audio/visual performances, transmedia narratives and electronic literature, artist ebooks, interactive museum installations, experimental podcasts, game art, virtual reality painting, mobile phone cinema and art applications for personal devices.

The lab has hosted scores of visiting artists, new media theorists and museum curators over the years including Cory Arcangel, Christiane Paul, Alex Galloway, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Claudia Hart, Carla Gannis, Rick Silva, Allison Parrish, Stephen Vitiello, Yael Kanarek, Norie Neumark, Sara Ludy, Marisa Olson, Bruce Sterling, Jon Satrom, Giselle Beiguelman, Mary Flanagan, and McKenzie Wark. 

TECHNE concentrates its undergraduate and graduate curriculum on digital forms of creativity so as to cultivate cutting-edge investigations into the practice, theory, history and philosophy of media and its relationships to creativity, communication, technology and information. As an arts-based research and teaching lab, graduate students work with Professor Amerika in developing the TECHNE teaching and production facilities  as a "collaboratory" environment where students are encouraged to both pursue their own intermedia art practice but also work with other faculty and students on creating new forms of digital media art that are then shared with the public. TECHNE lab courses often include midterm and final projects that students exhibit and/or perform in museums, galleries and club spaces in the Denver-Boulder metro area. 

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