Tent used by students in Field School
artist chip thomas talking about his work
Field school museum visit

The Art + Rural Environments Field School is an intensive off-campus summer program designed for students interested in the intersection of art and the rural environment. Directed by professor Richard Saxton, the Field School experience puts students in touch with various rural landscapes and focuses on site and context-based approaches to art creation. While living and working together in the field and on the road, students create site-interpretation artworks exploring various mediums including photography, sculpture, and drawing, as well as dialogical projects, social actions, and collaborative experiments.

The Field School session is open to both University of Colorado students and students from further afield. Each year the program partners with the CU-Boulder Extraordinary Program and the Art of the Rural to plan the session. 6 academic credits are available at the undergraduate level (ARTS 4000) and graduate level (ARTS 5000). Registration begins each March for the following summer session. Please visit The Field School website for more information.

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