metal shop

In order to access the metal shop, students must be currently enrolled in an Art & Art History class, and must attend a safety orientation before working. 

Metal Shop Summer 2021 Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday by appointment. 
Email to schedule an appointment or for more info. 

The Metal Shop supports coursework by students in all areas within the Department of Art and Art History, as well as research by faculty and staff. Processes and machinery range from traditional blacksmithing techniques to modern digital fabrication processes. Students are encouraged to work with the shop staff to brainstorm and problem-solve creative ideas, as well as learn the necessary skill sets in order to execute their ideas.

In order access the metal shop, students must be currently enrolled in an Art & Art History class, and must attend a safety orientation before working. In addition to the safety orientation, there are a number of skill building workshops throughout the year including sheet metal fabrication, different welding systems, and blacksmithing. The schedule for these workshops, as well as open work hours, can be found on the online calendar.

Machining, Drilling, Grinding:

  • Bridgeport manual milling machine
  • Dayton 20” drill press
  • Enco 14” vertical bandsaw
  • Van Saint 2x48” Radius master belt grinder
  • Dake 10” cold saw
  • Dake SE712 horizontal bandsaw
  • Econoline sandblasting cabinet

Blacksmithing/Forging, Heating:

  • Johnson 122 natural gas forge
  • Variety of forging hammers, tongs, and tools
  • Post vise
  • Edwards 10B manual shear
  • 12x12 swage block
  • Anyang 33 lb power hammer
  • 160 lb Peter Wright anvil
  • 180 lb Hay Budden anvil
  • 48” mandel cone
  • Green river foot vise
  • (3) Oxy-Acetylene carts with a variety of welding, cutting, and heating tips

Sheet Metal Fabrication:

  • Pexto 48” manual shear
  • Diacro corner notcher
  • Bevery B3 shear
  • Enco English wheel
  • Shrinker & stretcher
  • Dayton 48” box & pan brake
  • Enco 48” rolling mill
  • Heinrich 8” throat manual punch
  • Variety of hand shears & punches
  • 18” sand bag & variety of mallets

Welding and Plasma Cutting:

  • (2) Miller 152 MIG welders
  • Lincoln AC/DC stick welder
  • Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder
  • Weldsale 5x5 platen table
  • Baleigh PT-22 2x2’ CNC plasma table with Victor A80 plasma cutter (3/4”)
  • Victor Cutmaster 42 plasma cutter (1/4”)
  • Miller Spectrum 625 plasma cutter (1/2”)


  • Variety of drills and drivers, hand tools
  • Large TV screen hooked up to laptop and speakers for presentations etc
  • Lots of table space for design & layout of projects

Non-Ferrous Metal Smithing Classroom:

  • (4) Smith Actylene/Air torches
  • Large natural gas/air blowpipe torch
  • 80 lb anvil
  • Blowhorn stake
  • (2) rolling mills
  • Variety of hammers
  • Variety of different forming stakes
  • Sinusoidal stakes
  • Dapping block set
  • Ring mandrel
  • Metalsmithing desk complete with set of hand tools for each student

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