two students working on editing images in the digital lab

Our digital labs cater to students working in experimental media arts disciplines and offer a variety of tools to create unique works both on and off the screen. Our facilities offer access to digital photo manipulation, HTML/CSS coding, live video performance, 3D rendering, audio remixing, fine art printing, and a plethora of helpful pieces of hardware and software. We also have a well-stocked pool of equipment that can help students shoot video, record audio, and show finished work with either a projector or wall-mounted flat-screens.

Digital Output Lab

The Digital Output Lab trains photo students to create large format, professional quality inkjet prints. We have four professional quality Epson printers and a high-quality flatbed scanner for film and prints. All our computers have Adobe CS6 Design Premium. The output lab is available for photo students enrolled in photo class. Students are required to provide their own paper for all the printers and only inkjet paper types are allowed. Handmade papers and non-inkjet papers are not permitted at any time. There is always a student monitor on duty during lab hours. To schedule training on any of the printers please contact the IMAP Tech.

VAC 1B07

Print Lab

The Department’s Print Lab provides high-quality fine art printing to all students, staff, and faculty at an accessible price. Professional staff in the Print Lab supports the research and creative work at the University of Colorado by offering specialized skills and consultation, as well as access to professional equipment. Print Lab services are available to the general public, but priority is given to University affiliates.

VAC 154

Video Lab

The video lab offers video students cutting edge, custom built computers for importing, editing and outputting HD videos. The lab operates on a Windows platform and uses Adobe Premier as the primary editing software. The video lab is only available to students currently enrolled in a video class or with special permission from Professor Luis Valdovino.

VAC 1B17


The TECHNE Lab features state-of-the-art new media technologies and functions as a creative work space where students are encouraged to develop critical and collaborative research projects that are relevant to their own evolving arts practice. Inside TECHNE, production, presentation and performance ideas are investigated in the state of the art computer lab, two post-production editing suites, and the digital seminar room. The lab also includes digital video cameras, sound recorders, drawing tablets, Arduino kits, projectors and virtual reality headsets, all of which are available for digital art class projects.

VAC 1B21

Visual Resources Center (VRC) 

The VRC maintains computer stations for Art and Art History faculty and students and provides training by appointment to department members in image scanning, processing, and archiving strategies for purposes such as artist portfolios and classroom presentations. For optimal color management, lighting is daylight balanced (5000K), backdrop walls are painted an RGB-balanced gray, and the equipment is calibrated regularly. See the VRC Create Images page for more information.

VAC 310


The OIT lab is a resource for faculty and students who need to use a computer for any number of applications from typing a paper to editing photos. Each computer has the standard OIT software loadset, including Adobe Creative Cloud, and other software installed to support Art and Art History coursework. This lab also has two flatbed scanners and a black and white laser printer on which students may print for a small fee. It is scheduled to be open when the Visual Arts Complex is open, but note that there are regularly scheduled classes and other events in this space. Art students can request after-hours card swipe access

VAC 1B23