Student working on clay piece in the kiln room

Kilns (located on the first floor of the VAC) and other facilities available to students enrolled in Ceramics classes include:

10 Electric Kilns

  • One very large front-loading
  • One smaller front-loading
  • One large Oval
  • Two large top loading
  • Four smaller top loading
  • One small test kiln

Gas and Wood fired kilns

  • Four downdraft car kilns (one mid-sized, three large)
  • Two mid-sized front-loading downdraft kilns
  • One smaller front-loading downdraft kiln
  • One mid-sized downdraft soda kiln
  • One large downdraft salt kiln
  • One large downdraft wood-fired kiln

Clay Mixing Room

  • One large 400-500lb. capacity mixer
  • One smaller Soldner mixer
  • One de-airing pug mill
  • One large capacity slip mixer

Plaster Laboratory

The Sculpture and Ceramic Areas share a designated plaster working room located on the second floor of the VAC. It is large and well equipped, and separate from any other clay or sculpture studios.

Clay and Glaze Laboratory

The Ceramic area has a fully stocked glaze-mixing laboratory with all the materials necessary for a full studio practice. The material selection is extensive to encourage experimentation across all firing temperatures. The room is large enough to use for glaze application of smaller works. There is a large spray booth for spraying glazes in the kiln building.