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Jasmine Abena Colgan
Laura Conway
Kate E. Hinshaw
Brittney Hofer
Samara Johnson
Sarah McCormick
Katie Minyard
Jeremiah Palecek

going remote

Going Remote

Going Remote is an online-only exhibition featuring 112 individual and collaborative digital artworks from over 80 undergraduate students from six different digital art courses taught in TECHNE over the Spring 2020 semester. The program features a wide array of new media projects including visually stimulating video art, cell animation, GIF art, multimedia zines and live recordings of sound remix performances. TECHNE instructors included Françoise Duressé-Stimilli, Corrina Espinosa, Cali Banks, Laura Kim and Mark Amerika.

LOCATION:  (free and open to the public, no mask needed!)

existence distance

Existence Through Distance

An Immersive Gallery Exhibition

This exhibition was specifically organized to present visualizations of artists who responded to the Coronavirus. It is a visual record of what artists saw, experienced or felt when confronted with a 21st Century existential health crisis. An exhibition made possible by IA Studios from the IMAP department presents: Joanna Bugajska & Dr. George Rivera. Artists: Alejandra Abad, Román Anaya, ChelseaTaylor, Molly Ott, will be featured in space, orbiting earth.