Each year, Smead Aerospace recognizes faculty excellence in teaching, research, service, as well as outstanding junior faculty and the distinguished performance of senior faculty. Click here for more information about eligibility and criteria.

Year Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching & Mentoring Outstanding Graduate Teaching & Mentoring Outstanding Research Outstanding Junior Faculty Outstanding Service Distinguished Performance
2023 Bobby Hodgkinson Penny Axelrad Jay McMahon Morteza Lahijanian Jade Morton Brian Argrow
2022 Kathryn Wingate Jay McMahon Robert Marshall Torin Clark Marcus Holzinger Alireza Doostan
2021 Tomoko Matsuo Nisar Ahmed Xinlin Li Allie Anderson Bobby Hodgkinson Dave Klaus
2020 John Mah Natasha Bosanac Penina Axelrad John Evans Mahmoud Hussein Trudy Schwartz
2019 Allie Anderson John Evans Steve Nerem Tomoko Matsuo Dave Klaus Jade Morton
2017 Jelliffe Jackson Kurt Maute Dan Scheeres Jay McMahon Brian Argrow Hanspeter Schaub
2016 Alireza Doostan Ken Jansen Kurt Maute Zoltan Sternovksy Jeff Thayer Scott Palo
2015 Jeff Thayer Hanspeter Schaub Kristine Larson Alireza Doostan Trudy Schwartz Dan Scheeres
2014 Donna Gerren Dave Klaus Jeff Forbes Mahmoud Hussein Scott Palo George Born