STAR is a group of three assemblies which provide confidence in the attitude response of a Cubesat.  The first is an interface board which communicates between a computer simulation and the attitude determination and control system (ADCS) of the satellite. This board allows for hardware-in-the-loop testing and examines the power usage and actuator command signals sent out by the ADCS board. Second is a turntable which is used to calibrate the satellite's sun sensors. This table turns accurately to within 0.5 degrees, and allows for the comparison of actual rotation of the satellite with the rotation perceived by the satellite and its sun sensors. Lastly, a structure is provided which allows for the testing of the satellites rotation authority (through magnetorquers) using a Helmholtz Cage. The structure stands about 8 feet tall and uses a braided nylon line to suspend the satellite so that the functionality of its very low torque magnetorquers can be tested.

Project Sponsor: University of Colorado Boulder – QBUS Project
Customer: Dr. Scott Palo
Project Advisors: Dr. Robert Marshall
Project Manager: Nathan Eckert

Team Members: Nicholas Andrews, Sasanka Bathula, Dylan Cooper, Cole Glommen, Matt Hong, Colin Peterson

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