Meet ChBE Faculty, Staff and Students

Prashant Nagpal

As a specialist in nanomaterials and spectroscopy, ChBE Assistant Professor Prashant Nagpal may have found a way to make personalized medicine a reality.

Ben Mousseau and algae system

Omega-3 oils are linked with reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and depression. But can production of these omega-3 oils also decrease CO2 emissions?

Dean Robert H. Davis

During his 31 years at CU-Boulder, Dean Robert H. Davis has worn many hats.

Ana Cleves

We are happy to welcome new ChBE Office Administrator Ana Cleves to the department.

Lauren Miremont

We are pleased to announce that Lauren Miremont has joined the department as our new Financial Manager.

Dan Schwartz and Blake Langdon in lab

Surfaces and interfaces influence molecular and macroscopic phenomena in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to biofuel catalysis to biomedical devices.

Caroline Szczepanski, Chris Muhich, Stacey Skaalure, Peter Mitrano, and Carolyn Schoenbaum

Each April graduate student awards are given by the department for outstanding research, leadership, and service. This year’s winners, above shown l-r, are:

Undergraduate students Bill Heymann and Phil Jensen

The CU-Boulder iGEM team had a goal of making synthetic biology more accessible and affordable.

Professor Charles Musgrave

Biking down a steep mountain road on his way to work last August, ChBE Professor and Associate Chair Charles Musgrave collided with a truck on a sharp bend, breaking his neck, collarbon

Tom Belval

We are happy to welcome new Senior Instructor Tom Belval, who brings to the department years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

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