1. Review Recommended First Semester Courses by Major
  2. Your First Mathematics Course at CU Boulder
    • Starting out in the right mathematics course is very important in order to build a rock solid foundation for engineering success!
    • Most new engineering freshmen are automatically placed in pre-calculus or calculus based on patterns of prior experience including their admission application, high school transcripts, previous CU Boulder coursework, etc.  If you have not been placed into pre-calculus or calculus, please connect with your academic advisor for guidance.
    • Students who feel they have not been placed in the appropriate class can take a proctored on-site exam to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the topics necessary to be successful in pre-calculus or calculus at CU Boulder.  Students may wish to prepare for the on-site exam (offered the week before fall semester classes begin) through self-study, utilizing online resources such as the Khan Academy, enrolling in a summer community college course, or other options available to them.
    • For more information, visit the CU Boulder Undergraduate Education math placement webpage.
  3. ​Select Humanities/Social Sciences Elective Course(s) or consider a First-Year Seminar
  4. First-Year Interest Group (FIG)
    • ​​If you are in a First-Year Interest Group (FIG), please see information here about how FIGs will count toward your degree in the College of Engineering
  5. Consider any earned college credit you might have (or are expecting)
    • AP & IB Exams
    • Transfer Course Credit
    • Tip: Check on your earned college credit by running an online Degree Audit yourself through MyCUInfo.colorado.edu
  6. Do you have to fulfill any MAPS (Minimum Academic Preparation Standards) requirements
    • Tip: Check your MAPS status by running an online Degree Audit yourself through MyCUInfo.colorado.edu
  7. Complete the Course Registration Planning Worksheet (Microsoft Word)
  8. During your enrollment appointment, you will go online from home to complete the course registration process on MyCUInfo

Questions?  If you have completed all of the steps above and have questions, contact your academic advisor.