Engineering Launch is a mandatory orientation experience for new first year students in the College of Engineering & Applied Science. Transfer students are highly encouraged to attend. 

Engineering College Day

Spring 2023 Engineering Launch

January 13, 2022

Check In:

  • January 13, 2022: 9am-9:30am. Come to the DLC lobby and check in. There will be light refreshments. 

Engineering Launch Schedule: 

  • 9:30am-10:45am: Refreshments, Dean Welcome, Student Experience Panel. Ask questions and hear advice from faculty, academic advisors, academic support staff, and current engineering students.  

  • 10:45am-11:45:

    • First Year Students: Engineering Success Hub Resource Fair. We will lead first year students to the Engineering Success Hub toc onnect with academic advisors, more of our current Engineering Ambassador students, and offices like our ProReady Career Services, Global Engineering & Study Abroad, Active Learning & Undergraduate Research, and Academic Tutoring & Coaching.  

    • Transfer Students: Our transfer student success team is passionate about transfer student success and we want to make sure you have everything you need to start in a new college environment. Hear important tips, specific for new transfer students, for transitioning into our academic departments. You'll also learn the best ways to connect with faculty early in your career and understand how to get involved in undergraduate research.  

  • 11:50am-12:30pm: Engineering Center Tour with Engineering Ambassador 

  • 12:30pm: Head to the New Student & Family Programs sessions for lunch and more afternoon programs.  


Pre-Arrival Trips (for fall-start students only)
If you are participating a pre-arrival trip, such as CU In the Rockies, please follow the guidelines noted in your specific move-in schedule sent by the Housing Office. 

Marching Band, ROTC, Athletics (for fall-start students only): 
If you are in the marching band or other special programs like ROTC or Athletics, you may have rehearsal/meetings/practice the week before classes start. All new freshmen must complete their college welcome day content (we call this Engineering Launch), in full, including the Meet Your Major session on the August 19th & 20th (Dates still TBD for Fall 2022). You might miss some marching band rehearsal or part of a practice if it overlaps with your Meet Your Major session. The folks who run these programs are aware of this and will allow you to miss rehearsal. Note that each college does their own college welcome day, and it may or may not be on the same day as Engineering Launch. Therefore, your friends in a different college may be doing something on a different day than you.