Conducting research brings with it many responsibilities, including reporting and disclosure requirements. Many of these requirements apply regardless of the source of the funding. The following provides a brief summary of some of the major requirements, and where to find more information.

Both Domestic and International

  • Disclose to the Office of Contracts and Grants all research projects you devote effort to—ongoing or proposed, both domestic and international. This includes any direct support provided to you, even if not officially through CU Boulder. 
  • Disclose all sources of support in federal funding applications, following specific funder guidelines.
  • Disclose any planned consulting activities outside of your university faculty role to department leadership, as required by the 1/6th Rule.  
  • Disclose any (joint) appointments at other institutions to your department chair, dean or institute director.
  • Disclose outside professional activities and financial relationships, whether compensated or uncompensatedthrough the Disclosure of External Professional Activities (DEPA) form. Disclose research-related Significant Financial Interests, including stipends, living expenses, payments and travel reimbursements received from other organizations. Disclosures should also include support received from international institutions of higher education or government/quasi-governmental organizations. For more information see:
  • Disclose financial interests related to your research when publicly sharing  research results, including journal articles, presentations, and other publications.   
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest when making purchasing decisions.
  • Promptly disclose inventions or other intellectual property to the Venture Partners at CU Boulder
  • If your work involves export-controlled technologies, inform the Office of Export Controls if you anticipate working with international collaborators, visiting foreign universities or companies (e.g,, making a presentation, taking a sabbatical leave), hosting foreign visitors, adding foreign nationals or exporting controlled items or data. 
  • If your work involves controlled unclassified information (CUI) and/or requirements to follow NIST 800-53/800-171, contact the Information Technology Security Office (ITSO).
  • Provide appropriate supervision for all visits and visiting scholars that you host to ensure that they are upholding University policies and are appropriately using University resources. Promptly alert departmental leadership (and the Office of Export Controls or Information Technology Security Office, as applicable) if you believe a collaborator or visitor may be misusing their access or relationship with CU Boulder.

International Only

For more information on disclosure and reporting requirements related to foreign activities/interests, as well as the CU Boulder departments that can provide assistance, please visit the page below:

Foreign Activities/Interests: Disclosure Requirements