We first list the job that students received upon graduation, and then their current job, if different (TT = tenure track or an otherwise permanent job). Beneath each name we list the dissertation title and the supervisor's name. We have made every effort to make the following information as complete and accurate as possible. The list includes all Ph.D. graduates since 2002, with the job information we have for them. The list may not include all Ph.D.s for years before 2002.


  • Emily Slome - SUNY Oswego (TT)
    “Moral Testimony Pessimism and the Epistemology of Debunking,” under Matthias Steup.


  • Derick Hughes - University of Colorado at Boulder
    "Demystifying Modesty and Humility" under Iskra Fileva
  • Megan Kitts - Baylor College of Medicine (Clinical Ethics Fellow in the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy)
    "Obligations in Conception: Essays in Reproductive Ethics" under David Boonin
  • Jasmine Straight  (did not seek academic employment)
    "The Right to Self-Defense Against the State" under Michael Huemer


  • Erich Riesen - Fort Lewis College (Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship); Texas A&M Erich Riesen (2022 PhD) (2 year postdoc)
    "Systems and Machines: The Moral Import of Artificial Intelligence Technologies" under David Boonin
  • Gagan Sapkota (did not seek academic employment)
    "Aristotle on the Voluntary in the Eudemian Ethics" under Mi-Kyoung Lee


  • Christopher Dengler (did not seek academic employment)
    "A Virtue Theory of Art" under Iskra Fileva
  • Samuel Director - Brown University (two-year postdoc), Florida Atlantic University (TT)
    "Between Competent, Consenting Adults: Essays on Consent and Cognitive Impairment" under David Boonin
  • Alexandra Lloyd - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Tampa (TT)
    "The Moral Profile of Outright Belief: An Investigation Across Domains" under David Boonin
  • Shane Melnitzer - University of Colorado Boulder
    "What's Wrong With Adaptive Preference?" under Graham Oddie
  • Michael Sechman - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Attitudes: Memory Systems Pluralism" under Rob Rupert
  • Maggie Taylor - Baylor College of Medicine (Clinical Ethics Fellow in the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy); Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Clinical Ethicist, Center for Healthcare Ethics)
    "The Harm Threshold, Parental Duty, and Pediatric Healthcare Decision Making" under David Boonin and Iskra Fileva
  • Lisa Thomas-Smith - Clemson University
    "In Praise of Habit: The Necessity of Habit for Consistent Moral Practice" under Iskra Fileva


  • Mark Boespflug - University of Otago; Fort Lewis College (TT)
    "Voluntary Belief and Its Consequences in Locke and Descartes" under Robert Pasnau
  • Philip Choi - Purdue University (three-year postdoc); Leuven University (three-year postdoc)
    "Rethinking Later Medieval Epistemology" under Robert Pasnau
  • Anthony Kelley - Coe College (TT); Louisiana State University (TT)
    "Well-Being and Alienation" under Chris Heathwood
  • Zak Kopeikin - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Colorado Boulder (permanent non-TT)
    "Values, Parts, and Wholes" under Graham Oddie
  • Caleb Pickard - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Boycott Ethics" under David Boonin
  • Joseph Wilson - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Paleoclimate Modeling and Simulation" under Carol Cleland
  • Alex Wolf-Root - University of Colorado Boulder; Ohio State University
    "Conceptual Issues in Sport and Games" under Alastair Norcross


  • C. E. Abbate - University of Nevada Las Vegas (TT)
    "The Hard Problems of Animal Rights” under Michael Huemer and Alastair Norcross
  • Daniel Coren - McMaster University; Seattle University (TT)
    "Aristotle on Animal Self-Motion" under Mitzi Lee
  • Martin Eyestone - University of Colorado Boulder
    "The Problem with Skeptical Solutions to the Problem of Evil" under Graeme Forbes
  • Benjamin Kultgen - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Vagueness and Ethics" under Graham Oddie


  • Paul Bowman - University of Colorado Boulder; Institute for Future Studies, Sweden (postdoc)
    "Climate Change and Corrective Justice" under Alastair Norcross
  • Spencer Case - Wuhan University (two-year research fellowship); University of Colorado Boulder
    "From Epistemic to Moral Realism: An Argument For Ethical Truth" under Graham Oddie
  • Jay Geyer - Employed outside academia; University of Colorado Boulder
    "Reasons and Value: Decision-Making Under Moral Uncertainty" under Graham Oddie


  • Tyler Huismann - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Oklahoma
    "Aristotle on Accidental Causation" under Dominic Bailey
  • Eric Lee - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Colorado Boulder (permanent non-TT)
    "Consent: Coercion and Undue Inducement" under David Boonin
  • Dan Lowe - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Michigan
    "Revolutionizing Moral Philosophy" under Alison Jaggar
  • Matthew Pike - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Colorado Denver
    "Caught in the Web: Internalizing a Naturalist Theory of Epistemic Justification" under Robert Rupert
  • Jonathan Spelman – Ohio Northern University (TT)
    "Moral Obligation, Evidence, and Belief" under Chris Heathwood
  • Alexander Zambrano - University of Colorado Boulder; Coe College; Rio Hondo College
    "Taking From the Dead: An Examination of Cadaveric Organ Procurement" under David Boonin


  • Joseph Stenberg - Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship; San José State University (TT); Colgate University (TT)
    "Aquinas on Happiness" under Robert Pasnau
  • Shane Gronholz - University of Colorado Boulder; Gonzaga University
    "Three Kinds of Practical Reason" under Chris Heathwood
  • Rebecca Renninger - did not seek academic employment
    "Action, Agents, and Extended Cognition" under Rob Rupert
  • Benjamin Rohrs - University of Colorado Boulder; now employed outside academia at 
    Recovery Houston

    "Vagueness and Propositional Content" under Graeme Forbes


  • Andrew Chapman - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Colorado Boulder (permanent non-TT)
    "How Justification Works" under Robert Hanna
  • Kelly Weirich - Seattle Pacific University
    "Truth and Consequence: Toward a New Account of Indicative Conditionals" under David Barnett


  • Major Michael Growden - Air Force Academy (TT)
    "Postwar Moral Obligation: The Duties of Victory" under Alastair Norcross
  • Chelsea Haramia - Spring Hill College (TT)
    "Roles and Responsibilities: Creating Moral Subjects" under David Boonin
  • Ryan Jenkins - California Polytechnic State, San Luis Obispo (TT)
    "On Good People: A New Defense of Rule-consequentialism" under Alastair Norcross
  • Noel Saenz - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (TT)
    "Wholly, Grounding, Truth" under Graham Oddie


  • Corwin Aragon - Dickinson College; Concordia College (TT); California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (TT)
    "Situating Responsibility for Injustice," under Alison Jaggar
  • Martin Chamorro - University of Colorado at Boulder; employed outside academia (Developer at Trakkware, and Lead Solutions Executive at BigSIS)
    "A Theory of Just Immigration Policy" under Claudia Mills
  • Annaleigh Curtis - went on to Harvard Law School (graduated in 2016, now practicing law)
    "Socially Situating Moral Knowledge" under Alison Jaggar
  • Duncan Purves - University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Wyoming; New York University; University of Florida (TT)
    "Who Should Exist: A Welfare-based Solution to the Non-identity Problem" under Alastair Norcross
  • Beth Seacord - Visiting Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University; College of Southern Nevada (TT)
    "Unto the Least of These: Animal Suffering and the Problem of Evil" under Wes Morriston
  • Chad Vance - University of Colorado at Boulder, College of William and Mary (Permanent Lectureship)
    "In Defense of The New Actualism: Dispositional Modal Truthmakers and the Branching Conception of Possibility" under Graeme Forbes


  • Kristin Demetriou - University of Minnesota Morris; University of Gothenburg
    "Free Will Fundamentals: Agency, Determinism, and (In)compatibility" under Bob Hanna
  • Tyler Hildebrand - University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Washington, Seattle; University of New Mexico; Dalhousie University (TT)
    "Empiricism, Natural Regularity, and Necessity" under Michael Tooley
  • Jason Hyde - did not seek academic employment
    "Caring Satisfactionism: A New Theory of Personal Welfare" under Chris Heathwood
  • Christian Lee - University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Western Australia; Western Washington University
    "Adding Goods" under Michael Tooley
  • Kacey Warren - University of Colorado at Boulder; Colorado Community Colleges Online; employment outside academia; Foundry College
    "Recognizing Justice for Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities" under Alison Jaggar
  • Michael Zerella - University of Colorado Boulder; University of Colorado Boulder (permanent non-TT)
    "Biological Mechanisms and Evolution" under Carol Cleland


  • Amandine Catala - London School of Economics and Political Science; University of Louvain; Hoover Fellowship in Economic and Social Ethics; University of Quebec at Montreal (TT)
    "Beyond Political Legitimacy: Reframing the Normative Question of Secession" under Alison Jaggar
  • Barrett Emerick - St. Mary's College of Maryland (TT)
    "Apology as an Indispensable Practice of Moral Repair" under Alison Jaggar
  • Pamela Lomelino - University of Colorado at Boulder; Loyola University in Chicago (TT)
    "Revising the Philosophical Foundation for Informed Consent Guidelines for International Research on Human Subjects" under David Boonin and Eric Chwang.
  • Jay Lynch - Instructional Designer, eCollege division, Pearson Publishing; did not seek academic employment
    "Liberal-Democratic Education and the Challenge of Religion" under Claudia Mills
  • Ben Pageler - University of California, Merced; University of California Berkeley
    "The Explanatory Value of the Cognitive Unconscious" under Robert Rupert
  • April Shaw - Texas A&M University; Univ. of Arizona Law School (JD); now practicing law
    "Disappearing Injustices: The Invisibility of Gender and Racial Injustice in Pogge’s Analysis of Severe Poverty and Human Rights" under Alison Jaggar and Claudia Mills


  • David Barnes - United States Military Academy at West Point (TT)
    "Close Combat Privatization: Exploring Ethical Dimensions of the Armed Contractor Phenomenon" under Alastair Norcross
  • Mary Krizan - California State University, Fullerton; Spring Hill College (TT); University of Wisconsin La Crosse (TT)
    "Metaphysical and Explanatory Implications of Aristotle's Elements in On Generation and Corruption" under Mitzi Lee
  • Thomas Metcalf - University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Colorado at Denver; Spring Hill College (TT)
    "Rational Intuition" under Michael Huemer
  • Scott Wisor - Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Australian National University (3-year Research Associate position); Lecturer in Philosophy and Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham UK (TT)
    "Developing a New Global Poverty Metric: Toward a Pro-Poor Approach" under Alison Jaggar


  • Dan Demetriou - University of Minnesota, Morris (TT)
    "Honor Among Theories" under Graham Oddie
  • Jason Hanna - Northern Illinois University (Tenured)
    "Protecting People from Themselves: A Defense of Hard Paternalism" under David Boonin
  • Kendy Hess - College of the Holy Cross (TT)
    "No Body to Kick, No Soul to Damn ... And Yet: The Modern Corporation as Moral Agent" under Graham Oddie
  • Diana Hsieh - employed outside academia (did not seek academic employment)
    "Better Good than Lucky: An Aristotelian Solution to the Problem of Moral Luck" under Michael Huemer
  • Ryan Mott - University of Colorado at Boulder; Marquette University; Emmanuel College (TT)
    "State Legitimacy and the International State System" under Alison Jaggar
  • Jason Wyckoff - Marquette University; University of Utah; employed outside academia
    "In Defense of Philosophical Anarchism: The Case Against Political Obligations" under Alison Jaggar


  • Peter Higgins - University of North Carolina at Charlotte; now Eastern Michigan University (TT)
    "Immigration Justice: A Proposal for Constructing Just Admissions Policies" under Alison Jaggar
  • Audra King - Central Connecticut State University (Tenured)
    "Democratizing Development: A Gendered Analysis of Global Development" under Alison Jaggar
  • Jonathan Peeters - Ithaca College; University of Washington at Seattle; Ithaca College
    "The Building Blocks of Reality: Atomism in the 17th and 18th Centuries" under Robert Pasnau
  • Donna Reeves - University of Colorado School of Continuing Education (did not seek TT academic employment); University of Colorado Denver
    "U.S. Culture and the Politics of Wilderness" under Michael E. Zimmerman
  • Tait Szabo - University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee at Washington County (Tenured)
    "In Defense of Commodification" under David Boonin


  • Hye-Ryoung Kang - University of Nevada at Reno (TT); University of Colorado Boulder
    "Rethinking Global Justice In Non-Ideal Conditions" under Alison Jaggar
  • Ken Daley - Southern Methodist University
    "Concepts as Constructions: Structure, Content, and Innateness" under Graham Oddie


  • Devon Belcher - Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA (TT)
    "On Words: An Essay on Beliefs, Belief Attributions, and the Ontology of Words" under George Bealer and Michael Tooley
  • Matthew Roberts - Wheaton College, IL; Patrick Henry College, VA (TT)
    "A Historical Survey and Conceptual Theory of States of Affairs" under Michael Tooley
  • Heidi Petersen - National University; Front Range Community College
    "The Relevance of the Animal Liberation Movement to Environmental Ethics" under Alison Jaggar


  • Abigail Gosselin - Washington State University, WA (TT); Regis University, CO (TT)
    "Individual Agency Within Political Contexts: Responsibility for Global Poverty" under Alison Jaggar
  • Bryan Hall - Virginia Tech, VA; Indiana University, Southeast (TT)
    "Kant, Realism, and Anti-Realism" under Robert Hanna
  • John Harris - Southern Methodist University, TX; Texas Christian University (TT)
    "Moral Indeterminacy and the Specification Model of Political Obligation" under David Boonin
  • Michelle Maiese - Emmanuel College, MA (TT)
    "Mental Causation, Trying, and the Emotions" under Robert Hanna
  • Theresa Weynand Tobin - Marquette University, WI (TT)
    "Moral Thinking in a Global Context: Making Room for Diverse Conceptions of Moral Reasoning" under Alison Jaggar


  • Mike Austin - Eastern Kentucky University, KY (TT)
    "Parental Rights and Obligations" under David Boonin
  • Elizabeth Donoghue - employed outside academia
    "Teleology, Perfectionism, and Communitarianism in Aristotle's Political Naturalism" under Christopher Shields
  • Rhett Gayle - University of Colorado School of Continuing Education; University of Macau
    "Multiplying Models: Personal Identity, Dissociation and the Possibility of Healthy Multiplicity" under Forrest Williams
  • Chris Kelly - College of Charleston, SC; now employed outside academia
    "A Theory of the Good" under Graham Oddie
  • Matt Tedesco - Beloit College, WI (TT)
    "The Moral Problem of Friendship" under David Boonin


  • Jeremy Buxbaum - Northwestern University JD 2008; now employed at Perkins Coie law firm in Chicago
    "The Metaphysical Foundations of Identity over Time" under Christopher Shields
  • Steve Kramer - Southwest Minnesota State University, MN (TT)
    "Natural, Wild, and Free: A Discourse on Environmental Value" under Graham Oddie
  • Ben Mahlberg - University of Colorado School of Continuing Education
    "By What Authority? Science, Theology and Knowledge Claims" under Ed Miller
  • Alison McCulloch - editor at NY Times (did not seek academic employment); Department of Communication and Journalism, Massey University, New Zealand
    "Freedom and Reason: Kant's Construction of Morality" under Robert Hanna
  • Marc Moffett - University of Wyoming (TT); University of Texas, El Paso (TT)
    "Communication, Meaning and the Attitudes: Toward a General Meaning of Content" under George Bealer


  • Michelle Montague - University of California at Irvine (TT); University of Bristol (TT); University of Texas at Austin (TT)
    "Intentionality and its Objects" under Graham Oddie
  • Rachel Singpurwalla - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (TT); now University of Maryland, College Park (TT)
    "A Platonic Theory of Motivation" under Christopher Shields
  • Renée Smith - Coastal Carolina University (TT)
    "Qualia, Introspection, and Transparency" under Daniel Stoljar
  • Maureen Sander-Staudt - University of Arizona; now Southwest Minnesota State University
    "Caring for Justice, Justifying Care: Towards a Political Philosophy of Care" under Alison Jaggar
  • Robert Lovering - Texas Tech; Santa Clara University; College of Staten Island (TT)
    "The Concept of Worldview in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion" under Ed Miller
  • Li Jun Yuan - Texas State University (TT)
    "Re-Conceiving Women's Equality in China: A Critical Examination of Models of Sex Equality" under Alison Jaggar
  • Dennis Earl - Coastal Carolina College (TT)
    "A Defense of the Classical View of Concepts" under Robert Hanna
  • Daniel Sturgis - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Prairies and Paintings: The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature and Art" under John Fisher


  • Richard Cameron - University of Alaska Anchorage; now DePauw University, IN (TT)
    "Teleology in Aristotle and Contemporary Philosophy of Biology: An Account of the Nature of Life" under Christopher Shields
  • Tim Cook - Community College of Aurora, CO
    "Persons of Good Will: Community, Civility, and Pluralism in the Contemporary Discourse on Values" under Claudia Mills
  • Jen Everett - U. of Alaska, Anchorage (TT); Carleton College, MN (TT); DePauw University (TT)
    "The Ethics of Consumption: Individual Responsibilities in a Consumer Society" under David Boonin
  • Iain Martel - Reed College; Post-doc University of Konstanz; Lecturer, University of Toronto
    "Probabilistic Empiricism: In Defense of a Reichenbachian Theory of Causation and the Direction of Time" under M. Tooley
  • Elizabeth Phelan - employed outside academia
    "Human Gene Transfer: Lessons from Our Eugenic Past" under Luc Bovens
  • Shelley Wilcox - U. of Dayton (TT); Temple University (TT); now San Francisco State University (TT)
    "Citizenship as Civic Integration: A Model of Political Membership for an Age of Migration" under Alison Jaggar


  • Paul Studtmann - U. of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ (TT); now Davidson College (TT)
    "Hylemorphism and Aristotle's Categorical Scheme" under Christopher Shields
  • Jon Jensen - Green Mountain College, VT (TT); now Luther College (TT)
    "Balancing Liberty and Environment: The Prospects for Greening Liberalism" under Claudia Mills
  • Richard Jones - Kansas State; Howard University (retired)
    "Philosophies of Community: An Inquiry into African-American Sociopolitical Thought" under Alison Jaggar
  • Jason Potter - University of Colorado Boulder
    "Kant's Refutation of Idealism: A New Interpretation" under Wayne Waxman and Robert Hanna
  • Powley, Carol - employed outside academia
    "An exploration of a Merleau-Pontyan Approach to Cognitive Ethology" under Forrest Williams


  • Jeff Broome - Arapahoe Community College, CO
    "The Theodicy of John Hick: A Critical Defense" under Ed Miller
  • Adrienne Chockley - University of San Diego (TT); now employed outside academia
    "Self-Authored Life Stories: A Narrative Conception of Personal Autonomy" under Jim Nickel
  • Daryl Mehring - University of Colorado Denver
    "God, Uncertainty, and Suspense of Judgement: Hume's Changing Religious Skepticism on God from The Enquiry's Pyrrhonism to The Natural History of Religion's Academic Skepticism" under Michael Tooley
  • Richard Geenen - Westminster College, MO (TT)
    "Self-Predication in Plato: The 'Formal' Explanation" under Christopher Shields
  • Rob Figueroa - Colgate University; Oregon State (TT)
    "Debating the Paradigms of Justice: The Bivalence of Environmental Justice" under Claudia Mills


  • Sara Goering - Cal. State/Long Beach (TT); now U. Washington/Seattle (TT)
    "The Ethics of Human Genetic Therapies: A Proposal for Setting Moral Limits on How We Change Our Genes" under Ann Davis
  • Christina Bellon - Ripon U. (TT); now Cal. State/Sacramento (TT)
    "A Vindication of the Rights of Children" under James Nickel
  • Garrett DeWeese - Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (TT)
    "God and the Nature of Time" under Ed Miller
  • Paul Moriarty - Longwood College, VA
    "Animal Cognition and Self-Awareness" under Dale Jamieson
  • Stan Spector - Modesto Jr. College, CA
    "The Dionysian and the Übermensch: Nietzsche's Metaphors of the Body as Experienced" under Phyllis Kenevan and Adrian Del Caro
  • Mark Woods - University of San Diego (TT)
    "Rethinking Wilderness"


  • Sheralee Brindell - University of Colorado at Boulder
    "Trustworthiness and Explanation: The Role of Morality in Solving Problems of Explanatory Relevance" under Carol Cleland
  • James Heichelbech - employed outside academia (Market Perceptions, Inc.)
    "Emotion in Kant's Moral Theory" under Gary Stahl
  • Michael Peirce - University of Colorado at Boulder
    "Metaphor and Meaning: A Study in Lexical Semantics" under Christopher Shields