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At the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music, we are committed to inspiring artistry and discovery. Our multiskilled, multifaceted universal musicians earn more than a music degree in the foothills of the Rockies: Diverse opportunities for interdisciplainary collaboration and a spirit of inclusive excellence await you!

Home to the first university-level music entrepreneurship center in the country, the College of Music offers 7 degrees in 24 fields of study—i.e., a full range of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, including 3 degree types for undergrads (BA, BME, BM) plus options for dual degrees. Discover our 11 academic areas, including composition, performance, education and more.

Undergraduate offerings include certificates in Music Entrepreneurship, Music Technology, Music Theory, Singing Health Specialist and Arts Administration (micro-credential).

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Enjoy a visit to the College of Music, explore an introduction and tour of our college and delve into student life.

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