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The College of Music offers three degree options for undergraduate majors, including a traditional liberal arts degree (Bachelor of Arts in Music) and two professional degree programs (Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education). We also offer three certificate programs (Music Technology, Music Entrepreneurship and Jazz Studies) and a variety of course and ensemble options for non-music majors. The College of Music also offers a minor in music. To schedule a visit, or for more information about CU Music Day or any upcoming College Fair, email us.


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The information below applies to incoming freshmen students. View undergraduate transfer student information.

Note: All College of Music applicants are automatically considered for academic and merit-based financial aid.

Colorado Free Application Day
On Oct. 15, 2019, Colorado residents can apply to the University of Colorado Boulder for free as part of Colorado Free Application Day! To find out if you qualify, visit the Colorado Free Application Day website.

Application criteria

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As a student applying to the College of Music at CU Boulder, you will have to complete two separate application processes, one through CU Undergraduate Admissions and another for the College of Music. Below are the deadlines for both processes. It is critical to remain in contact with both CU Undergraduate Admissions and the College of Music as you navigate the applications.

Successful College of Music applicants can read music using traditional notation and often have several years of experience in high school ensembles and/or private lessons.

Middle 50% of admitted music students
HS GPA: 3.54-4.0
SAT Total (Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing): 1210-1430
ACT Composite: 25-33

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Deadlines for domestic first-year students

Fall admission

Nov. 15: Early Action deadline for CU Boulder Undergraduate Admissions application

Dec. 1: Priority deadline for College of Music application, including the following materials:

  • College of Music application
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Required Pre-screening:
    • Recordings: All jazz guitar applicants
    • Portfolio: All composition applicants
    • Recordings: Non-resident: voice, musical theatre and flute applicants

Audition dates will not be confirmed until prescreening is submitted/reviewed.

Jan. 15: Regular Decision deadline for CU Boulder Undergraduate Admissions application

Feb. 1: Deadline to submit recorded auditions to the College of Music 

Final Deadline to submit College of Music application

Feb. 17: Deadline to complete all in-person auditions with the College of Music

Spring admission

Oct. 1: Deadline to submit both the CU Boulder Undergraduate Admissions application and the College of Music Admissions application. College of Music will require the following:

  • College of Music application 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Submission of recorded pre-screening auditions (required for all jazz guitar and non-resident voice and flute applicants)
  • Portfolio (composition applicants only)

Nov. 15: Deadline to submit recorded auditions or complete all in-person auditions with the College of Music (including ad hoc auditions) 

Summer admission

The College of Music does not take applications for Summer term.

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