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Image: Water Cloud 2 by Kylie Sambirsky

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Front Matter pdf

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Social Science pdf

Bringing Restorative Justice to NCAA Football Aubrie Bailie (full text)

Will Punctuated Equilibrium Theory Help us Explain the Developments Surrounding COVID-19 and Environmental Policy? Adam Garfinkel (full text)

They Look at Me Like I'm Nuts: Exploring Cultural Idioms of Distress and Other Factors that Limit and Enhance Mental Health Practitioners' Work with Iraqi Refugees Nadyah Spahn (full text)

The Sports Culture and Climate for LGBTQ Athletes and Members at the University of Colorado Boulder's NCAA Athletic Program Nicholas Turco (full text; see the author's speech here)

Prisons in Paradise or Purgatory: A Comparative Analysis Between Criminal Justice Systems and Recidivism Rates in Norway and the United States Isabella Jones (full text)

Gender Differences in the Subjective Effects of Cannabis Carter Witt (full text)

Natural Science pdf

Brain Clocks & Dendritic Spine Morphology Will Stritzel (full text)

Introduction of a lin-65 mutation into a C. elegans transgenic reporter strain and its effect on HPL-2 localization Zuhair Chaudhry (full text)

Simulation of Electron Drift Properties and Track Reconstruction for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment Aaron Mutchler (full text)

Fundamental Studies of α-Keto Acids at the Air-Water Interface and their Implication on Atmospheric Aerosols Brianna Hopper (full text)

Synergistic Potential of Combining Emerging Therapies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Richard Sangmin Park (full text)

Changes in Medial Gastrocnemius Activity Under Different Sensory Conditions When Dancers Perform a Balance Task Amy Megan Malacalza (full text)

Radiation Pressure Instability Driven Eruptions in Low Mass X-ray Binary Disks Eleanor Gentry (full text)

Mapping the Mancos Shale Badlands in Caineville, Utah using historic aerial imagery Keely Lawrence (full text)

Assessing the Performance of Helianthus annuus in Urban Communities Roy Rutherford (full text)

To break or not to break, that is the question: Inducing DNA Damage in the T. thermophila gene TTHERM_00459400 Regan L Fenske (full text)

Description, age, petrochemical analysis, and a comparison of two REE-rich mineralization occurrences near Jamestown, CO Shea Joseph Burnham (full text)

Humanities pdf

The Racist History of Gun Control Policy and Rhetoric in the United States Alexandra Lanzetta (full text)

Tibetan Folktales for Chinese Children: Issues of Children's Literature, Translation, and Cultural Authenticity Elizabeth Palmer (full text)

The Policy Gap: Argentina’s Current Migration Law and Realities for Bolivian Migrants Emma Seidler (full text)

True Haven: Nuanced ‘Safe’ Spaces from Morrison’s Trilogy Emma Purcell (full text)

Sex Beyond Consent Malia Wright (full text)

Politics, Philosophy, and Patriarchy in the Reign of Empress Wu Ashley Howard (full text)

Epistemology of Color in Colonial India Emily Ray (full text)

Gender & Ethnic Studies pdf

The Trap of Transmedicalization: Holding Communities and Identities Hostage Chris Hendrie (full text)

Say Yes to Consent Katherine Storm (full text)

Gender, Graphics, and Glitter: How Children’s Greeting Cards Enforce Gender Stereotypes Katherine Storm (full text)

TikTok Turned Me Gay Katherine Storm (full text)

Shifting the Purpose of Ending Voter Suppression Maria Martinez (full text)

Dismantling the Hidden Hierarchy in Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities Eleanor Schnee (full text)

Art pdf

Water Cloud 2 Kylie Sambirsky (view)

Fire and Ice Laura Bauer (view)

Two-Faced Laura Bauer (view)

Beauty in the Mess Laura Bauer (view)

Sushi Gabe Butler (view)

The Theory of Flight Kylie Sambirsky (view)

Isolation Kylie Sambirsky (view)

The Lovers Kylie Sambirsky (view)

Please Say You Love Me Back Kylie Sambirsky (view)

Memento Mori Kimberly Tai Bowman (view)

"The Air Max" Jeanette Martinez (view)

Untitled Quinn Toomey (view)

Dualism Lily Karp (view)

Heartache Lily Karp (view)

"I Don't Smoke" Maya Pavelin (view)

Open Media pdf

Long exposure shot of me riding my one-wheel at Boulder Creek Jared Merell (view)

Cassis & Luberon Anafrancesca Curry (view)

Journal Entry 11.17.2020 Anafrancesca Curry (view)

Resonance Anafrancesca Curry (view)

Poetry pdf

Pterylae Ava Morgan (view)

A Walk to Peru Zoe Schacht (view)

An Ode To Solitude Morgan Brown (view)

Art Supplies List Kenlie Rohrer (view)

Mermadia Dylan Carpenter (view)

Interzones Kenlie Rohrer (view)

"Birds" Kenlie Rohrer (view)

Pearl Onion Kenlie Rohrer (view)

Posession Beau Farris (view)

It's Sort of A Religion Beau Farris (view)

Anthrop Ghazal Beau Farris (view)

Memories in Quotes Katherine Storm (view)

The Sailor and the Sea Emily Archambault (view)

The Other Side of the Equal Sign Emily Archambault (view)

Untitled Poetry Compilation Evangelyne Eliason (view)

Lucy's Poem Trie Hall (view)

Are You The Storm? M. Rapp (view)

7:23am Abigail McCreedy (view)

Lavender Dreams Abigail McCreedy (view)

Throat and Lungs Abigail McCreedy (view)

Heartsick Facebook Abigail McCreedy (view)

Do Not Eat Your Friends Sarah Bian (view)

Creative Nonfiction pdf

I Love You But Makayla Sileo (view)

A Sea of You Natalie Fischer (view)

The Dance of Life: As Told by Cardinals Alexandra Moorhead (view)

A Glossary on Silence Ellie Wadsworth (view)

GENESIS Kenlie Rohrer (view)

Letters from places that are not where I want to be. Javier A. Padilla Gonzalez (view)

Fiction pdf

Toast Makayla Sileo (view)

The Garden's Comet Kenlie Rohrer (view)

2:26 Elena Miller (view)

Flora Kenlie Rohrer (view)

A Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving Riley O'Byrne (view)

"The Birds" Kenlie Rohrer (view)

Whisper in the Wind Keaghan Banaitis (view)