Natural Science

A Study of the Relationship between Habitat and Behavior in Papio Anubis, Madison Beran
Mouse Polyomavirus T Antigens, Catherine Nicholas
Perceived Issues and Successes Associated with Municipalization for Increased Renewable Energy Reliance, Ashleigh Evans
Synthesis and Application of the Doxas-Marcks Prodrug, Alla Balabanova

Creative Nonfiction

A Loaf of Bread, Carly James
Strange Animal, Marley Loomis


Thru-HIking as Pilgrimage, Anna Ptasznik
Old Crested Butte and New Crested Butte, Evan Fernandez
La Biblioteca Medicca Laurenziana, Alyssa James


Mister Mistress, David Coons
Deconstructed Bouquet, Rachel Ann Hillen
I Scream, You Scream, Kelsey Ruggaard
Leftover Trout II, Schuyler Demarinis
Species: Father, Grey Grimm
The Naturally Intrinsic Blueprint, Rachel Ann Hillen
Dilapidated Abandonment, Sean Farkas
Star Dragon, Danielle Caccamise
Stacking for Sustainability, Melanie Adams
Shan State Woman, Kellyn Wilson
Decadence, Anthony Kascak
Untitled (Ocean Acidification), Schuyler Demarinis
Northern Lights and the Milky Way, Blake Pedersen
Courting, Kelsey Ruggaard
The Wait, Kelsey Ruggaard

Open Media

Takeoff, Cade Haley

Social Science

Institution and Personal Homophobia in Sub-Saharan Africa, Andrew Ormsby
Miracle on the Han River, Gookjin Jeong
Berlin Revisited, Daniel Naftel
Geothermal Reconnassance, Jennifer Bloom
The Atheist Experience, Cali Greksa


Wifi*, Jack Hernandez
Citywater, Jack Hernandez
A Softcore Worker's Revolution, Jack Hernandez
The Pink Thread, Eddy Jordan
Self Righteous, Maggie Hernandez
Have I Made it Yet?, Kate Ross
The Harvest, Megan Foley
Black Blood Hangnail, Megan Foley
He Likes to Leave his Shoes in the Doorway so There's Always a Draft, Danny Jackson
A Science Poem, Beatriz Lacombe
If We Need More, Beatriz Lacombe
Dreamed Gender, Faye Green
And Someone Wrote: "We Were Here", Elise Nardi
To the GOP, Jonathan Colegrove
Eve & Morrow, Erik Rock


Faces, Madelyn Falk
Spiders in Her Eyes, Madelyn Falk
Look at Him; Let Him Look at You, Danny Jackson
Hospice Care, Dina Lipsten

Gender & Ethnic Studies

Self Defining Mexican Undocumented Immigrant Women, Genesis Samarripa
Global Genders, Erik Rock
Gender and LGBT Equality in Pink Tide Nicaragua, Natalie Walter
White Wilderness, Jesse Nestler