The Kitchen, Lauren Counce
Lackluster, Patrycja Humienik
The Night I was Swallowed by the Sea, Vivian Underhill
Records of Middletown, Daniel Leonard
City Limits, Lauren Counce

Gender & Ethnic Studies

Team USA Ski and Snowboard 2010: Disparities of Racial and Class Representation, Madison Eiss

Environmental Science

SOMO Solar Modular Architecture, Patricia DiMario


The Game, Michelle Barry
Vamanos, Jessica Bolin
Beneath a Sunburned Sky, Jamie Gloss
Lily Pad Plaza, Melanie Adams 
Peggy Sue, Jerry Morris
Are We What We Eat?, Ivan Fees
Stop And Smell The Flowers, Alexandra Varone
Horsie Blues, Alexandra Varone
Wouldn't It Be Nice If Everything Was The Way It's Supposed To Be, Adam Milner
Birthday Bash, Preston Adelbert Cram
Killing Time, Preston Adelbert Cram
Big Bad Wolf, Megan Page
Sleeping Woman, Logan Young
Shedding My Skin, Ashley Bauer
^_T, Brittany Waschke
The Stain, John Marin

Open Media

On the Road to Equality, Kyle Inselman
Paperboy, Ingrid Echeverry
hwhy, John Demopoulos
something over there, John Demopoulos
springhill In., John Demopoulos

Creative Nonfiction

Within, Without, Travis Allen (Not sure if this is creative nonfiction or fiction)
World War I: America Makes the World Safe for Imperialism, Alex Boguniewicz
Nausea to Death, Lindsay Wilkins

Natural Science

Nanomedicine Small Particles, Big Concerns, Jonpaul Wright
Incentivizing Health: A Case for Health as a Human Right, Art Lenahan
Captive Western Lowland and Virunga Mountain Gorilla Gestural and Vocal Dialect Comparisons, Lisa Wilding
Theories of Olfactory Navigation in Rock Pigeons and Their Counterparts, Homing Pigeons (Columbia Livia), Mahir Haque
Alcohol Consumption and Wheel Running in Adolescence Mice and Their Effects on Adult Alcohol Consumption, Beth Chitel 
Effects of Natural Gas Production on Water Quality in Garfield County, Western Colorado, Morgan Hill


[arteries], Fraser Long
Roasting Tomatoes, Hannah Harsin Drager
Three Poems, Mickey Bakas
Inner Possesions, Julianne Garlington 
behind lips, a kiss (glory, glory, glory), Sarah Thompson
Room, Sarah Thompson

Social Science
A Revolution Within A Revolution: Queering Sandinismo in Nicaragua, Brandon Springer
The Flesh Curtain: The Future of Industrial Oppression in Blade Runner, Paige Eggebrecht

Evaluating Load Balancers and Network Performance in the Cloud, Blake Caldwell
SOLSTICE Hybrid Drive: A Turning Point in Aircraft Propulsion, Gavin Kutil and Team 
Optimizing Trajectory Scenarios in Sending Human Beings and Their Cargo on a Mission to Mars, Martin Czerep
A Sensitive Search for Biomarker Gases on Mars: Vertical Distribution of Polar Ozone, Rebecca Mickol