2020 Honors Journal Cover

Image: Tall Tales No. 1 by Heather Hanson

Cover Design by Katreena Yeneza

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Front Matter pdf

Copyright, Acknowledgments, Letter from the Editor in Chief

Poetry pdf

Cheshire Catatonic Kelsey Gallotte

how we perpetuate sexual assault Lindsay Killips

Remember me, my country Sami McKinsey

Pomegranates and Cherries Sophia Chappell Catto

My Frontera Charly Mendoza

gender euphoria Noah Knight

Creative Nonfiction pdf

tell me about the red Lindsay Killips

Ruminations on the Image of Christ Javier A. Padilla-Gonzalez

The Yoke Amanda LeJeune

Horses or Zebras: Misdiagnosis and Self-Definition Alex Sardanis

Fiction pdf

Untitled Clarissa Midyette

When the Heartseller Comes Over the Hill Madison Aeling

Poisoned Pomegranates Shayna Brooke Silverman

Gender & Ethnic Studies pdf

Fragmented Reality in Resisting Interpellation: Femininity, Cinema, and the Workplace Raine Roberts (full text)

Queer Futurity and Hybridity in Arrival and Embrace of the Serpent Emma Breitman (full text)

Performative Identity in Yekl and Salome of the Tenements Caleb Wexler

The Disproportionate Effect of Restrictions to Abortion Access Megan Saks

Open Media pdf

Shadows of Clouds Nelson Walker (full score and audio)

Fatphobic Leilani Osmundson (full video)

Untitled Glitch Art (view) Nathan Kregstein

Rivers of New Zealand (view) Daniel Strangfeld

Dentist Waiting Room, Summer 2005, Hallmark Holiday, A Trip to the Zoo Julia Merten (view series)

That Feeling. Graham Fee (full series)

Swimming (view) Graham Fee

Untitled (view) Gunnar Autterson

Art pdf

Tepebağ (view), Mother Goose has Changed (view), Terzilik Tedavisi (Tailor Therapy) (view) Dilara Miller

Tall Tales No.1 (view), Spheres No.1 and 2 (view) Heather Hanson

Gold in the Wind (view), Testify (view), 01.23.19 (view) Allison Murphy

Self (view), Fungi (view), Fungi (view) Eve Hamilton-Kruger

Untitled (view) Jessica Myers

Ibn Tulun (view) Omar A Kaheel

Understanding over Loss (view series) Megan Chan

Social Science pdf

The Stained-Glass Ceiling: A Literature Review of Women’s Roles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Katy Halverson (full text)

Deconstructing White "American" Perceptions on Immigrants of Latinx Heritage Caroline Heinze (full text)

Brazil's Belo Monte Dam: A Hydropower Dilemma Michele Wolff (full text)

Tree Fish Anna Morgenthaler (full text)

"Big Prawn's" Little Pawns: Environmental Injustice in the Bangladeshi Shrimping Industry Kela Fetters (full text)

Humanities pdf

Cinderella’s Perpetually Well-Earned “Happily Ever After” Sharonya Battula

American Abject: A Psychopolitical Reading of The Comedian Caleb Wexler

Alban Berg's Piano Sonata, Opus 1 Sophia Zervas

Myth, Power, and the Other: The Shared Rhetoric of Empire Between the Classical Mediterranean and Victorian Britain Cara Redalen (full text)

“If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell”: The Fight Against Fragmentation and Reduction in the 1960s Female Bildungsroman: O’Brien, Plath, and Lessing Lauren Ogg (full text)

Natural Science pdf

Impacts of Hymenolepis Diminuta (benign helminth worm) colonization on chronic pain and the central nervous system in rats Haley Lippman (full text)

Examining the Glacial Mass Balance Of The Arikaree Glacier, Front Range, Colorado Using GIS and Degree Day Methods Kevin Knopp (full text)

Accounting for Confinement Shifts on the Binding Energies of 39K Feshbach Molecules Jared Popowski (full text)

Meet the Editorial Board pdf