What Rough Beast, Ryan Notch

Sinew, Kinsey Weil

All Yours, Claire Cuthbert

Fireworks, Edward King


The Sexual Awakening of the Female Protagonist in Modern Danish Literature, Kristen F. Lindbloom

Nasa's Mission: Should It Be Changed, C. Dawson Stokley

A "Ten-Meter War": Common Themes in Letters Home from the World War II Tenth Mountain Division January - May 1945, Luc Polglaze

The Anthropomorphization of Houses in Film, Kelli M. Johnson

Women & Gender Studies

Blades and Guns: Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Threat of Violence in Blade Runner, Gabrille Friesen

Environmental Design

Center for Sustainable Practice, Michael Salka


Reflection, Natasha Berwick

Various Vitreous, Brent Seiferd

Anima, Melanie Adams

Myself: Jessica Mifa Kim, Jessica Mifa Kim

Sakura Kim: My Mother, Jessica Mifa Kim

Thirst, Natasha Collins

Filthy Flow, Natasha Collins

Burn Pile, Leslie Selcer

5th in Series, Dylan Gebbia-Richards

Blue Pen Special, WIlliam Thompson

A Splash of Beauty, William Thompson

Globe's Thistle (Echinop's Ritro "Veitch's Blue"), Hannah Green

Line, Chloé Besson

Humble Assassin, Chloé Besson

Skinned, Chloé Besson

Moving Up Stairs, Puttichai Kupadakvinij

The Master Bedroom, James Bradbury

The Throne Room, Elise Sigley & Leah Winkler

Gradual, Stephanie Shain

Open Media

Over Spilled Coffee, Jackson Xia

Creative Nonfiction

20-Something, Andrew Joel Hecocks

Family Soup, Hannah Allen

Natural Science

Analysis of Variations in the Io Plasma Torus Using Calileo PLS Data, Scott Siler

Localization of Extracellular Regulated and Calcium-Dependent Calmodulin Protein Kinases [...], Dora Panyi


The Fly, Zachary Foster

January, Stephen Mirabito

Untilted, Caitlin Caviness

With the Birds, Alexandrea Pacheco

The Unused Egg Voices Complaints, Hannah Allen

Santuario de Chimayo, Maria Masterson

To Mother, Maria Masterson

Untiltled, Justin Spurgeon

Zeus's Morning Cereal, Kaleena Kovach

Social Science

A New Approach to Climate Change and Development: The Future of the Green Climate Fund, Amy Meyer

Individualization of Social Policy and Individualization Through Social Policy, Aurora Randolph

Pessimistic Politics: An Analysis of Social Spending in Western Europe, Ali Naaseh-Shahry

Redefining Illegality: The Immigrant Rights Movement as an Exemplar of Democratic Politics, Alexander Kirkpatrick

The Effects of the United States Drone Campaign in Yemen, Tyler Abboud

U.S. Coastal RetreatL Historical Analysis, Policy Options, and Political Willingness, Nicholas Story

An Investigation of the Emergence of Symbolic Behavior in Early Hominins, Lucas Hampton