Up in Clouds, Mark Mangelsdorf

Ponderosa, Marissa Harwood


Capaldo, Alexander Schultz

An Examination of the Sound Symbolism of Vowel Characteristics in Brand Names, Briana Caesara

Let the Writer Write and the Reader Read: The Infulence of Ourlipo on Computer-Generated Poetry, Erien Greenhalgh

Environmental Studies

Abundance of Arbuscular Mycorhizzal Fungi with Deforestation and Regeneration, Jacob O'Connor

Dimensions of Disaster During Hurricane Katrina: Landscapes, Levees, and the Least Fortunate, Sarah McKinnell

Acid Rock Drainage in the Upper Snake River: The Presence of Heavy Metals in a Mineralized Watershed, Garrett Rue

Biogas Emissions and Bioenergy Potential from a Palm Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment System in Southwestern Costa Rica, Hana Fancher


Khayal: Imagination, Lamya'a Dawud

Visual Arts Complex Bodies, Andrew Odlin

Holding Space, Jessica Mifa Kim

Peace, David Zimmerman

The Family Crest, Daniel Walter

Lady of the Spring, Elise Sigley & Leah Winkler

Mistress of War, Elise Sigley & Leah Winkler

In the Fast Lane of Growing Up, Kelsey Brunner

Home, Diana Roen

Black Tea, Taylor Wong

Ocean Breeze, Taylor Wong

Sadako, Taylor Wong

Mantas, Taylor Wong

Scream, Samantha LeBlanc

Hubris, Samantha LeBlanc

Imaginative Comfort, Samantha LeBlanc

In Memoriam: nothing which has existed on earth disappears, Rebecca Winterfield

Open Media

Scab, Samantha LeBlanc

Honey, Alexandra Madden-Beatley

Unearthed, Alexandra Madden-Beatley

Keep on the Lights, Alexandra Madden-Beatley

Creative Nonfiction

The Four Rivers Fountain, Shannon Roybal

Pheonix Rising, Faith-Amy Beveridge


Life is the Jet Wash, Eric Miller

Vision, Christopher Houston

List-en, Christopher Houston

how I select is, Alan Bromwell

convinced, Alan Bromwell

pretend we're free, Alan Bromell

on doubting your existence, Stephen Mirabito

Series of Untiltled Poems, Sara Falk-Mann

Los Angeles/Poem for Jack Onorato, Jack Christie

Keraunopathy, Audra Figgins

Dolores, Fraser Long

Weld, Fraser Long

ECHOES, Sofia Laguna

Social Science

The Fight Against Childhood Obesity: Why Recent Advances in Science Show the "Let's Move" Initiative May be Overly Ambitious, Eileen Engelberg

Union Membership and Wages - 1990 -2010: A Case Study, Peter Bacich

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: An Investigation into the Economic Impacts on South Korea and its Policy Responses, Gookjin Jeong

Healing the Ills of Conservation: A Community-Based Framework for Indigenous Healthcare Services in Rural East Africa, Billy Kromka