The Savior, Zane Schneider
February 17th, Trevor Gaffney
Jesse Washington, Ben Peterson
The Last God, L.B. Ridyr


"Momentary Memorials" Political Posters of the Lebanese Civil War and Hezbollah, Megan Elizabeth Miller
The Influence of Language: Belief in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fictional Mythology and The Lord of the Rings, Jay Bennett
Crete in the Hellenistic Aegean: Seeing Through the Cretan Mirage, Elizabeth Cummings
Algorithm, Agency, and Potentiality: Reading Constraint-Based Literature, Erin Greenhalgh

Gender & Ethnic Studies

The Effect of RTAs in the Western Hemisphere on Women, Piper Jackson-Sevy
Protesting to Pray, Chelsea Miller


Untitled Self Portrait, Adam Nilson
Doc, Adam Nilson
Pilgramage to Supercuts, Dave Waite
The Many Faces of Daniel Ward, Daniel Joseph Ward
Cold for Now, but Always Wandering, Dillon Drenzek
6th in Series, Dylan Gebbia-Richards
9th in Series, Dylan Gebbia-Richards
Who we are, Gabriel Sanchez
Untitled, Laura Hansman 
Conolophus Lacertus, Logan Reynolds
60lbs, Mariah Mae Hermsmeyer
Untitled, Marissa Marino
Distorted Paracosm
Black Fumes, Marissa Marino
lilacs, Shae Meyer
A Twisted History, Steven Andrew Thomas 
Cadence, Steven Andrew Thomas
Artichoke Heart, Taylor Grzesiek 

Open Media

Beautiful Photographs, Max Miller
Forever and Nowhere & Tracks to Forever, Hagen Reedy
Start, Alexander Meguel White
Never Lonely, Katie Porter

Creative Nonfiction 

Living the Orange Life, Jennifer Bloom
Integrity, Maggie Straub

Natural Science

Effects of Adolescent Caffeine Consumption on Anxiety and Stress in Adulthood, Talia Scott
The Minimal Elements Required for Clustering of Core Complexes in the Escherichia coli Chemosensory Pathway, Jane Duplantis
Host-Parasite Interactions: The Cuckoo Catfish and Non-Sympatric Hosts, Anna C. Vinton


In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Kate Ross
Kitchen (Percussion), Elise Nardi
This is Kansas, Elise Nardi
Sure, Ryan Stadheim
Unready but Willing, Megan Foley
Lapsed, Megan Foley
hollow, Kinsey Weil
Louisiana is a Four-Syllable Woman, Charlie Kieft

Social Science 

Effect of Internet Administered Mindfulness Training on Anxiety And Sleep Quality, Travis Usinger
State-Led Homophobia and the Spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, Andrew Ormsby
In a Precarious Place: Climate Change, Sociopolitical Change and Taos County Ranchers, Sonja Brinker
The Implications of the Iranian Reform Movement's Islamization of Secularism for a Post-Authoritarian Middle East, James Glassman


Final Consulting Report: Mihle Personnel Services, Alexis Ilyinsky