The Fence Post, Marissa Harwood

Punch Line, Mickey Bakas

Theories on Pressure, Devon Boen


Photography, Capitalism, and Commodity Culture, Kerry Doran

The Role of the Artist in the Composition, Content, and Reading Ulysses, Lauren Sullivan

Collusion and Resistance, Emily Lozow

Wyrd and Wyrm, Brenda Kessenich

Environmental Design

Studio Arts Boulder Campus, Wren Kidder

The Plaza, Ingrid Torales Rios

Color Site Plan, Lisa Kornblith


Self Portrait, Camille Paige

Food Heads in Dialogue, Heidi Hillenbrand

Untitled, Kerry Doran

Resilience, Lamya'a Dawud

Figure 1, Sierra Weir

Definition, Leah Winkler

De Lemur Y D'Orangutan, Abominacion, Nicholas Gagnon

Flight, Natasha Collins

Hunger, Natasha Collins

Curiousity, Natasha Collins

Absolution, Eidolon, Chiesel, and Longing, Preston Cram

Portrait Studies No. 1, Alexandra Varone

Lower Yellowstone Falls, Steffen Myers

Homeward Bound, Morning Light, and Lines, Susan Domain

Creative Nonfiction

The Life Within One Rasberry, Mira Winograd

The Stop, Richard Montoya

Chances Are..., Lexi Evans

If Worse Comes to Worst, Lexi Evans

Natural Science

Classification of West Creek Cliff: Analysis Based on Dimensional Data and Sedimentary Features, Connor Newman

Bromus Tectorum Soil Conditioning, James O'Connor

Is Erosion Helping the Himalayas Grow? River Incision and Mountain Uplift, Brooke Marston


our patterns make legs, Alan Bromwell

now I had seen in her, Alan Bromwell

Aurora (II), Alexandra Fresch

Apples, Jennifer Burnham

Stop Light, Jennifer Burnham

A Vastness - Georgia, Jesse Edwards

Broken Bells, Sarah Elsea

Sickle, Sarah Elsea

Dear Sir or Madam, Mickey Bakas

Dear Friends, Mickey Bakas

Dear Children, Mickey Bakas

Loved Ones, Hannah Warner

Social Science

Genocidal Triviality: An Analysis of the Perpetrators of the Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide, Renee Nabors

Pragmatism, Victorianism, and Social Activism, Brittany Werges

A Defense of Abortion: The Yardstick, Lance Taylor