The Environmental Studies program at CU Boulder is a hub for facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration in environment and sustainability. The program nurtures interdisciplinary academic training for undergraduate and graduate students, provides guidance for students with career aspirations in environment and sustainability venues, promotes diverse professional education experiences, fosters fundamental and applied research, forms meaningful connections with communities beyond the university, and integrates innovative, interdisciplinary programs unified by the themes of environment and sustainability. 

The Environmental Studies Department also administers a professional master’s degree, the Masters of the Environment (MENV). Please note that the MENV application is separate from the MS and PhD ENVS program applications. 

Degrees and Certificates Offered

MS, MENV, PhD, Dual JD/MS, JD/PhD and MS/MBA Programs, Certificate in Environmental Justice


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Phone: 303-735-1043

MENV Website


Phone: 303-492-9665