Emily Nocito walking along beach

Doctoral candidate works to conserve high seas from landlocked Colorado

April 14, 2021

Colorado might be a long way from an ocean, but when Emily Nocito was looking for a college where she could study high seas conservation, she chose CU Boulder's environmental studies program.

Urooj Raja

ENVS PhD candidate awarded the CU Boulder Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship

March 26, 2021

Join the ENVS community in congratulating Urooj Raja, a Doctoral Candidate in the ENVS program, on receiving the Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the CU Boulder Graduate School. Her dissertation research examines the potential of emerging technology like virtual reality to shrink psychological distance to ‘wicked’ environmental problems, chief among them...

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

Community-supported radio podcast episode features ENVS PhD candidate Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

March 19, 2021

Tune in this weekend (Saturday, March 20th 9am Pacific Time) to community-supported KQUA radio to listen to an episode about off-trail hiking featuring interviews with Tony Cannon ( https://www.wildumpqua.com ) and ENVS PhD Candidate Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey (on the socials at @JeremiahOsGo). You can access the show via the livestream on...

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey

ENVS PhD candidate a finalist in the 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Finale

Feb. 16, 2021

Come see one of our very own - PhD Candidate Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey - give a talk in the 3MT (3-minute thesis) FINALE competition, February 16, 4:00-6:00 pm. He'll be discussing some of his dissertation work about how migration influences Bangladeshi farmers.

Celebration clipart

Congratulations to this year's Radford Byerly, Jr. Award in Science and Technology Policy award winners

Jan. 15, 2021

Congratulations to this year’s Radford Byerly, Jr. Award in Science and Technology Policy Margaret Hegwood and Ricardo Simmonds!

Man holding incandescent bulb

ENVS undergrad, Caitlin O’Neill, starts project to brings sustainability-oriented clubs together at CU Boulder

Nov. 11, 2020

Profound Connections is a CESR project started on campus by Caitlin O’Neill and Cindy Lee that brings sustainability-oriented clubs together at CU Boulder. These clubs are active and ready for more members, even during social distancing! Read more about how to join now.

Steak being cut

Meat substitute miracle that uses 99% less water and land, and emits 99% less carbon dioxide

Nov. 8, 2020

CU grads Tyler Huggins (Ph.D. Environmental Engineering) and Justin Whiteley have formed a successful startup known as Meati Foods in NE Boulder, which grows lab-cultured mycelium indoors in stainless steel tanks, similar to those used to brew beer. The process uses 99% less water and land, and emits 99% less carbon dioxide than conventionally produced animal protein. Meati Foods has already attracted $28.2 million in investment funding and cultivates a scalable protein product that is remarkably similar in texture to steak and chicken cutlets, a viable market competitor to companies like Impossible (burger) and Beyond Meat.

Fernandes and McAuliffe sitting in a exhibit

Exhibition digs into complex social issues of fracking

Oct. 28, 2020

Denise Fernandes, Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies, and photographer Shelby McAuliffe collaborated on a project researching the cultural politics of oil and gas in Boulder and Weld counties.

person using macbook air

LISA - Statistical Collaboration help for Research

Oct. 12, 2020

Get support for statistics and data science in your research from LISA; The Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) is a statistics and data science collaboration laboratory at CU Boulder. LISA’s goal is to increase the quantity and quality of statistics and data science applied to advance high-impact research. LISA...

Sebastian Duenas Ocampo passed his dissertation prospectus defense

Aug. 10, 2020

Congratulations to Sebastian for passing his dissertation defense!