The Environmental Studies department permits faculty, staff, researchers, and some graduate students who are active employees of the University to become procurement cardholders (Pcard). Cardholders are able to apply for and use a University VISA procurement card for small-dollar purchases, as appropriate for University business. The use of a Pcard requires that the cardholder know and follow University, Sponsor, State, & Federal fiscal regulations and provide all of the necessary documentation required in Concur including receipts.

The role of a Cardholder is to make purchases in accordance with the regulations established by the University, as well as all federal and state rules to ensure accountability to the public and fairness to vendors. Cardholders are responsible for:

  • Completing required Procurement Card Cardholder training and certification, Fiscal Code of Ethics training, and Procurement - Purchasing and Contract Management training
  • Ensuring that the policies of the Commercial Card Program are followed, as well as other university policies, state fiscal and procurement rules, and the Procurement Code of Ethics
  • Obtaining supporting documentation required for their transactions
  • Submitting a monthly expense report
  • Protecting the card at all times to prevent unauthorized use, and not sharing or authorizing others to use the card
  • Immediately reporting a lost or stolen card to the bank. The University is liable for all charges incurred on a lost or stolen card until the time that it is reported as such to the bank. However, fraudulent charges can and should be disputed. If the bank is able to recover fraudulent charges, monies will be credited to the Cardholder's account
  • Notifying the Commercial Card Program ( and the ENVS Approving Official, Scott Senger ( of transfer or termination of employment

Cardholders should also refer to the Procurement Card Handbook for additional information on card use, procedures, and violations.

Important items to remember for PCard purchases:

  • ​All purchases made with the PCard are tax-exempt. Always remind the vendor of this before they place the charge on the card. The University tax-exempt number is on the front of the pcard.
  • Always obtain an itemized receipt that shows in detail the items purchased.
  • For the purchase of meals (Official Function), do not tip the wait staff over 20%.
  • Never use your PCard while in 'travel' status (although conference registration is okay).
  • If you use your PCard for online purchases, be sure to use the billing address that is tied to your assigned P-Card. This address is located on your card application form. Keep a copy of this form on hand for easy reference.
  • Turn in your receipts promptly to avoid automatic Procurement Violations for late processing of charges.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to promptly submit their PCard receipts and submit their expense report when notified that it's ready. 

Need to reconcile your pcard?

The department uses the college's Financial Services Center (FSC) staff who act as delegates to build and create Concur Reports on behalf of ENVS cardholders. The ENVS dedicated FSC Account Technician is Kylie Cook (

  1. To reconcile procurement expenses, complete the online FSC Procurement Card Receipt form including itemized receipts.

    • Please do not upload your receipts into the available receipts sections in Concur. The FSC requires you to upload these via the FSC Procurement Card Receipt form.
  2. The ENVS dedicated FSC Account Technician, Kylie Cook, will create your report and review it at the college level.
  3. Once the report is reviewed internally and ready to submit, Kylie will send an email request to you telling you to submit your report.
    • Please do not submit your report until you've received an email from Kylie. If you see "Wait" in the title of a report, it is not ready to submit!

Submit your PCard Receipts

Questions? Contact ENVS finance administrator, Lisa Forman (