Karen Bailey Climate adaptation/resilience, sustainable rural livelihoods, human health and well-being, human-wildlife conflict, and justice and equity in STEM

Maxwell Boykoff Environmental governance, science and policy interactions, political economy and the environment.

Cassandra Brooks Environmental governance and policy across scales from local to international, marine science and conservation, protected areas 

Matthew Burgess Economic growth futures and their environmental impacts, natural resource management and conservation, mathematical modeling of human-environment systems, political polarization of environmental issues. 

Sharon Collinge Population and community ecology, conservation biology, restoration ecology, landscape ecology, and landscape planning. Ecological consequences of habitat loss.

Lisa Dilling Use of information in decision making related to climate and the carbon cycle.

Dan Doak Ecology and management of rare species and habitats, biodiversity protection and management, population and community ecology, and the effects of climate change on ecological systems.

Bruce Goldstein Innovative approaches to collaborating to achieve social-ecological systems transformation

Benjamin Hale Environmental ethics and policy, applied ethics, normative ethics, metaethics, ethical and environmental concerns of emerging technologies.

Joel Hartter  Outdoor recreation economy, human-environment interactions, conservation, natural resource management

Eve-Lyn Hinckley Ecosystem biogeochemistry; ecohydrology; human dimensions of global change

Jonathan Hughes The consequences of adoption of environmental policies in energy markets, climate change policy, gasoline, electricity and renewable energy markets.

Kevin Krizek Transport and land use policies that promote sustainable and affordable urban travel and enhance urban livability. 

Joanna Lambert  Community ecology, nutritional ecology, mammals in anthropogenic landscapes, human-wildlife coexistence and conflict, primates, carnivores, Africa, North America 

Jill Litt Neighborhood environments and health, risk assessment, environmental justice; community-based participatory research.

Diane McKnight Limnology, aquatic ecology, reactive transport of metals and organic material in streams and rivers.

Zia Mehrabi Food security, climate change, biodiversity, human health, welfare, infrastructure, technology.

Dale Miller Scientific writing (works only with undergraduates).

Steve Miller Environmental and natural resource economics, quantitative environmental policy analysis, effects of climate change on natural resource use and economies, applied statistics and machine learning.

Jason Neff Biogeochemistry.

Peter Newton  Food and the environment; human dimensions of global change; and socio-environmental systems

Roger Pielke Jr. The relation of scientific information and public and private sector decision making, technology policy in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Robert Sievers Analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical science, aerosols, microparticles and nanoparticles, supercritical fluids, and thin film deposition.

Steven Vanderheiden Normative political theory and environmental politics.

Carol Wessman Ecosystem ecology, forest disturbance and resilience, ecological applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Associated Faculty

Deserai Crowe Environmental policy and the role that mass media and other factors play in policy decisions.

Liam Downey Environmental sociology, environmental inequality, race and ethnic relations, urban sociology, stratification/inequality, political sociology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Jill Harrison Environmental sociology, environmental justice, Sociology of agriculture and food, immigration politics, and political theories of justice.

Lori Hunter Environmental Sociology, population dynamics and environmental context, rural livelihoods and natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa, climate and migration.

Paul Komor Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, policies, and markets.

Stephen Lawrence Commercial evaluation of sustainable energy technologies.

Patricia Limerick Environmental history, history of science in the American West, cultural perceptions of nature.

J. Terrence McCabe Livelihood strategies and decisions relating to land use among the pastoral peoples of Eastern Africa, mostly with the Turkana of northern Kenya and the Maasai of northern Tanzania.

Rebecca Morrs Meteorological, socioeconomic, and public policy aspects of weather- and climate-related information.

Astrid Ogilvie Environmental and climatic history, human ecology in North Atlantic and Arctic regions, syntheses of proxy climate records, historical records of sea-ice incidence, imagology of the north.

Beth Osnes  Using theatre as a tool for women to empower their voices for participation in the development that impacts their own lives and communities.

Rebecca Safran Evolution of biodiversity, mechanisms of trait evolution, and population genomics.

Paul Sutter U.S. history, environmental history, history of soils and soil erosion.