Engineering Excellence Fee

The Engineering Excellence Fee is charged at the rate of $27 per course. An advisory group of students and faculty oversee the Engineering Excellence Fund and decide where the funds will be each year. Approximately half of the funds support the operations of the Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory, and smaller portions (about 5 percent) are used to support the Discovery Learning Center and the Herbst Program of Humanities. The rest of the funds are awarded by students to various worthy projects across the college, on a one-time basis.

Program Fees

Program fees, while not fully recovering costs incurred, result in a significant source of funding that is totally dedicated to improvements. Because program fees are returned in their entirety to the department/program assessing the fee, any revenue resulting from course fees is used solely to improve teaching lab facilities and purchase needed consumable items for our students. See the Bursar's Office website for the program and course fee list.