This summer, three implementation teams composed of more than 60 faculty and staff members from across the College of Engineering and Applied Science met regularly to drive implementation of campus and college plans for fall 2020. 

These college-level teams mirror the campus-level teams — COVID-19 Ready, Academic Instruction and Resource Alignment — and align with the Road Map to Fall 2020.


COVID-19 Ready Campus

Leaders: Bill Doe, Massimo Ruzzene, Cherie Summers

Academic Instruction

Leaders: Rhonda Hoenigman, Mary Steiner

  • CU 101 (Fernando Rosario-Ortiz)
    • Brought together 10 faculty members from across the college who are teaching first-year introductory courses.
    • Incorporated the campus CU 101 requirements, including modules on COVID-19 Education, Safety Standards & Community Expectations, and Health & Wellness.
  • Senior projects (Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Dan Riffel)
  • First-year projects (Angie Bielefeldt, Mindy Zarske)
    • Addressed challenges with first-year projects in the socially distanced environment.
    • Developed and ordered GEEN 1400 “kits” to support a project-based learning environment.
    • Provided syllabus statements and other support to all first-year project instructors.
  • Technology readiness (Nick Stites, J. Franklin)
    • Purchased Chromebooks for students in need; distribution details are being finalized. Also purchasing small pool of laptops where Chromebooks are not sufficient, also for students in need. Worked with campus partners to identify other programs and resources to support student tech needs.
    • Surveyed the faculty to determine technology needs to support remote teaching activities, in coordination with campus OIT.
    • Created a Technology Readiness Resources webpage to facilitate distribution of devices to faculty and teaching assistants.

Visit the Tech Readiness Resources webpage

  • Remote and online lecture best practices training (William Kuskin)
    • Launched summerlong Going the Distance series on preparing for fall teaching, including Instructor Seminars to address pedagogy best practices and Tech Fridays to address specific technology questions.

Visit the Going the Distance series webpage

Resource Alignment

Leaders: Rory Korpela and Doug Smith

  • Assessed technology needs for instructional faculty
  • Assessed other structural or infrastructure needs
  • Worked with OIT to address technology needs and collaborate to purchase appropriate amounts of equipment
  • Enabled the procurement of the technology needs for instructors
  • Procured tents for the Lesser House and the Herbst Plaza for student informal gathering spaces