March is Women's History Month, a time to honor the contributions of women to American history. Today and every day, CU Engineering celebrates the accomplishments of women in STEM who are on the cutting edge of research and innovation and who seek to create an equitable future for all women.

CU Engineering is proud to showcase the accomplishments of our female students, faculty, and staff, who contribute significantly to their fields and foster an inclusive and supportive community.

Trailblazers, such as Shelly Miller, the 121st Distinguished Research Lecturer, Taylor Barton, the recipient of the IEEE Outstanding Young Engineer award, and Robyn Macdonald, a NASA grant awardee for hypersonics modeling, exemplify the spirit of innovation and leadership. Staff members like Deb Renshaw and Cherie Summers have earned prestigious accolades for their remarkable contributions to the campus and beyond, underscoring the impact of women in shaping a more equitable and forward-thinking society.

CU Engineering's distinction as a top 5 AAU Public University for the percentage of women in our first-year class and as a Top 50 institution for awarding bachelor’s degrees to women, alongside having the highest percentage of female tenured or tenure-track faculty, underlines our commitment to excellence through diversity. We encourage you to explore the significant impact of the women at CU Engineering, whose excellence defines our institution.