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Students who begin at the Community College of Aurora can transfer directly to CU Boulder to finish their degree in engineering. Thanks to an integrated partnership, this pathway can be attractive to both community college students, as well as qualified high school students taking concurrent enrollment classes with CCA.

CU Boulder Engineering and the Community College of Aurora have designed this pathway to support a more streamlined transition between colleges and give you a detailed view of what your academic plan will look like.

At CCA, you can complete classes before transferring to CU Boulder and have the peace of mind that your credits will apply directly to your engineering degree.

CCA’s Lowry Campus is the primary location for the college's lab sciences and computer science programs, as well as CCA’s partnership with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

CU Boulder engineering and CCA have partnered to offer a 2+2 program in Computer Science, and CCA’s Pre-Engineering pathways allow students to take engineering courses like EGG 106 - Robotics and EGG 151 - Experimental Design that transfer to CU Boulder together as ASEN/GEEN 1400 - Engineering Projects.

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Transfer Advising Guides by Major

The following guides articulate specific courses that will transfer to CU Boulder from Community College of Aurora, and each guide will provide a 5-year plan by major. These plans can be shortened to four years by starting directly in Calculus 1 or making up classes in the summer, as well as being directly admitted to CU Engineering. Be sure to work with your academic advisor, as these are only meant to act as a sample pathway and can vary based on each individual student.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is intergeated in the State of Colorado Statewide Transfer Agreement for Computer Science.

For more information about the Integrated Design Engineering (formerly Engineering Plus) program, please visit the E+ website

For additional information regarding this pathway, please contact:

Chris Anderson
Senior Director of Academic Success & Transfer Pathways 
College of Engineering & Applied Science
University of Colorado Boulder