Contact the Environmental Engineering Program for specific degree requirements corresponding to a particular catalog year.

128 semester credit hours are required to complete this degree.

Environmental Engineering Interactive Block Diagram 2020-21

Freshman Year 

Fall Semester 15 Credits
APPM 1350 Calculus 1 for Engineers 4
CHEN 1201 General Chemistry for Engineers 1 4
EVEN 1000 Intro to Env. Engineering* 1
GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects 3
HSS Elective 13 3
Spring Semester 17 Credits
APPM 1360 Calculus 2 for Engineers 4
CHEN 1310 Intro to Engng Computing 3
CHEN 1203 General Chemistry for Engineers 2 2
CHEN 1221 Engineering General Chemistry Lab 1
PHYS 1110 General Physics 1 4
HSS Elective 23 3

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester  15 Credits
APPM 2350 Calculus 3 for Engineers  4
PHYS 1120 General Physics 2 4
PHYS 1140 Experimental Physics 1 1
Solid Mechanics4 3
HSS Elective 33 3
Spring Semester 16 Credits
APPM 2360 Diff Equations with Linear Algebra  4
Fluid Mechanics5 3
Free Elective 3
CVEN 3414 Fund. of Env. Engineering  3
HSS Elective 4 3

Junior Year 

Fall Semester 16 Credits
EVEN 4404 Water Chemistry* 3
EVEN 4414 Water Chemistry Lab* 1
Engineering Economics13 3
EVEN 3550 Sustainability Prin. for Engnrs* 3
Thermodynamics7 3
College-approved Writing Course10 3
Spring Semester 15 Credits
EVEN 4484 Environmental Microbiology* 3
EVEN 4424 Environmental Organic Chem.* 3
Heat Transfer6 3
EVEN Technical Electives 19 3
Probability and Statistics8 3

Senior Year

Fall Semester  17 Credits
EVEN 4464 Env. Engng Processes* 3
Air or Earth Lab or Field Course11 3
EVEN Technical Elective 29 3
Technical Elective 22/Senior Thesis12 3
HSS Elective 53 3
Free Elective  2
Spring Semester 16 Credits
CVEN 4333 Engineering Hydrology* 3
MCEB 4131 Air Pollution Control* 3
EVEN 4434 Env. Engineering Design* 4
EVEN Tech. Elective 3or Tech. Elective 22 3
Technical Elective 32 or Senior Thesis12 3

Curriculum Notes

*Only offered in the semester shown

2A total of 9 credit hours of technical electives is required, from engineering, mathematics or sciences. Three TE credits may be lower division (1000-, 2000-level); remaining TE credits must be upper division (3000+). Three TE credits must be in the earth sciences, either lower or upper division. An independent study or senior thesis may be completed as technical electives for up to 6 credits.

3A total of 15 credit hours of humanities and social sciences (H&SS) electives is required. At least six hours must be at the upper division level.

Solid Mechanics options: CVEN 2121 Analytical Mechanics (F,S), GEEN 2851 Statics for Engineers, or MCEN 2023 Statics and Structures (F)

5 Fluid Mechanics options: CHEN 3200 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics (S, required for Chemical Processing Option), CVEN 3313 Theoretical Fluid Mechanics (S), GEEN 3853 Fluid Mechanics for Engineers (Sum), or MCEN 3021 Fluid Mechanics (F,S)

Heat Transfer options: CHEN 3210 Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer (F) or MCEN 3022 Heat Transfer (F,S)

Thermodynamics options: AREN 2110 Thermodynamics (F,S), CHEN 3320 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (F; required for Chemical Processing Option), GEEN 3852 Thermodynamics for Engineers (Sum), or MCEN 3012 Thermodynamics (F, S, required for Air Quality Option)

Probability and Statistics options: APPM 4570 Statistical Methods (F,S), CHEN 3010 Applied Data Analysis (F), CVEN 3227 Probability, Statistics, and Decision (S)

Option courses are specified on the following pages.

10 Communication/writing: ENES 1010 Engineering, Ethics & Society Freshman only (F,S), ENES 3100 EES Seminar (F,S), PHYS 3050 Writing in Physics: Problem Solving & Rhetoric (F), WRTG 3030 Writing on Science and Society (F,S,Sum), or WRTG 3035 Technical Communication and Design (F,S).

11 Air or Earth Science Lab/Field Course: A 3 credit hour course with a significant laboratory or field component related to air quality or earth science. If course is less than 3 credits, the difference is required as an upper division technical elective. Options: ATOC 1050/1070 Weather and the Atmosphere Lab/Lecture or ATOC 1070 and Upper Tech Elec., CVEN 3708 Geotechnical Engineering, EVEN 4100 Environ. Sampling & Analysis, GEOL 1030 Intro to Geology 1 Lab, GEOL 2700 Intro to Field Geology, GEOL 3010 Intro to Mineralogy (F), GEOL 4716 Environmental Field Geochemistry (S)

12 Senior Thesis: a senior thesis can be completed on a single research topic, with faculty approval and direction, and can apply toward technical elective requirements.

13 Engineering Economics options: CVEN 4147 Civil Engineering Systems (F), EMEN 4100 Business Methods and Economics for Engineers (F)