Published: March 9, 2022

The future of engineering at CU Boulder is one of inclusivity, diversity, and resilience. Since our first female graduate in 1903, our women students and faculty have stood on the cutting edge of research and innovation. We celebrate our past excellence throughout Women's History Month while also striving to build on CU Boulder's legacy and create an equitable future for all.


Kathryn Tobey: I would say every day is an important day to start doing something different. Every day is a day where you need to recognize that change needs to happen.

Juliet Gopinath: I think the thing I love most about my job is the opportunity and privilege to teach.

Megan Conard: When I look at our female faculty engineers here at CU, they really emanate this power in the classroom.

Juliet Gopinath: We have many many talented researchers and faculty from all over the world and that's one of the things that I really love about the environment.

Claire Meyer: I think a lot of the qualities I admire in my female classmates are a lot of the same ones that I admire my male classmates. They're super hard working ...

Lucy Pao: Technical excellence, their leadership skills ...

Juliet Gopinath: Ability to have grit and determination and not give up.

Orit Peleg: I definitely think it's very important to nurture the next generation of females.

Haley Meisburger: I think that we should be taking hard steps now to get more females into engineering.

Mia Miller: Hopefully they learn and see what a great career path it would be and how much innovation you can have if you like problem solving.

Sacha Ramirez: When people go into industry, if companies created a really comfortable environment for women in engineering.

Karen Crofton: The benefit that engineering is it really is a meritocracy.

The future of engineering ...
The future of engineering ...
The future of engineering ...

Kathryn Tobey: The future of engineering is diverse and inclusive. Those that think about their career really as opportunities to learn are going to be the most successful because the problems of the future do not need the solutions of the past.