The online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS-EE), hosted on the internationally acclaimed Coursera platform, offers stackable graduate-level courses, graduate certificates, and a fully accredited Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. The online MS-EE students earn the same credentials as our on-campus students. There are no designations on official CU transcripts, degrees, or certificates, that this is an online program.

The diagram displayed below shows that the online MS-EE courses and certificates can be stacked into the full 30 credit hour degree.

online ms-ee program overview


Admission is performance-based. There is no application. Fill out our enrollment form and pay tuition to get started. Earn your graduate degree and/or certificate by completing the required coursework with at least a 3.0 (B) or higher overall GPA.


  • $667 per credit hour.
  • $20,000 for the full 30-credit master's degree.
  • Tuition is assessed on a pay-as-you-go, per-course basis.
  • Additional software or hardware may be required for some courses payable by the student.
  • This program is not currently eligible for U.S. federal financial aid.
  • There are currently no scholarships available.
  • Some course materials have a free trial and can be previewed at no cost.

Courses and Specializations

  • Courses are often offered for fractional credits ranging from 0.6 credit hours to 1.2 credit hours.
  • Each specialization consists of about 3-4 courses which is equivalent to a regular 3-credit course on-campus.
  • Specializations cover specific topics within their focus area (Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Photonics and Optics, etc).
  • A "pathway" specialization is one that is designated for entry into either a certificate or the degree program.
  • Degree and certificate-seeking students must successfully complete one "pathway" specialization.
  • Graduate certificate students must complete a series of designated specializations to earn the certificate. 
  • You can earn graduate academic credit for each individual course in the curriculum.


  • There are 6 sessions total per year.
  • Each session is 8 weeks long.
  • The session enrollment period starts 2 weeks before the first day content is available.
  • The session enrollment period ends 2 weeks before all coursework is due.
  • All for-credit coursework is due before the last day of each session.
  • While work can be done at your own pace within the session, the for-credit session end date is absolute.

Preview Courses with Non-Credit Options

  • Each course in the MS-EE can be previewed or taken as a non-credit Coursera class.
  • You do not pay CU tuition when previewing a class, but may need to pay fees to Coursera for access to a full range of content. 
  • You may upgrade from non-credit to credit at any time during your coursework. Previously completed assignments will be automatically applied to your for-credit experience.
  • Additional material and assessments must be completed to earn credit; these materials are only available when you pay tuition.