General Information

CU Boulder offers several special online programs. These include the following programs offered through the Coursera platform:

In addition, CU Boulder offers a Teacher Leadership program.

Due to the nature of these program offerings, special online programs do not align with some standard campus policies as well as enrollment processes for course and program withdrawal, admission and conferral.

Drop or Withdraw from a Course

If you enrolled in a special online programs class but are no longer interested in continuing, you may be eligible to drop or withdraw from the class. Learn more about drop/withdrawal eligibility below, detailed by program. Then complete a drop/withdrawal request form:

Course Drop/Withdrawal Request Form

You're not eligible to drop or withdraw from a special programs class if any of the following is true:

  • Your enrollment hasn't been processed yet.
  • You've received a final grade in the class.
  • You've accessed the final exam or final assessment.